What hands should be calling a blind all-in? (1 Viewer)

@boltonguy do you have any solver insights?
Against a range of 100% of hands, here is what is better than 50% against that range

Any K
Any A
Any pair
This range right here has 58.43% equity vs a random range in equilab shown below.


A random range but eliminating one bad hand should have > 50% equity vs a random range since its slightly better.

But to answer the originaly question, being 200+ BB deep with the BB who is yet to act and you are oop to you have to tighten up in all scenarios unless he is an uber nit.

I am no expert in deep stack play but with out knowing BB at all I would probably flat the whole range of 88+, AJo+, ATs+, KJs+, QJs. This range is plenty strong enough to defend jams from the BB. This is only 8% of hands played so it probably is way to nitty when you are presented such a profitable scenario.

EDIT: Sorry Legend I see what you did look for all hands with >50% equity not a range with > 50% equity vs the random range. My bad.


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