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Sep 5, 2017
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Boston, MA USA
Had to post this for LOLs.

Hero RFI 2.2BB in LJ with A4s. V on BN 3! to 9BB. While I only have 95 hands on the guy his 3!% is 13% which is on the higher side - so we expect bluffs, especially on BN. Hero decides to 4! to 23.6BB or about 2.5x. V calls.



Hero jams flop. V tanks and then calls.


And we dont bink the flush ... but we chop with A4s.
Wow what a call by V! We both pay rake and move on to the next hand.

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I can get behind your line until the flop open jam. You are way ahead or way behind with back up. And because of the pot size, you shouldn't have much issue getting it in by the river. The issue with jamming TP+FD is that you pretty much only get called when you are behind with at most 11 outs. While with middle or bottom pair and a FD, you often have up to 14 outs and less showdown value making fold equity more important.

If it's just because you were goofing around, then all good.
What’s a better bet? Have to bet that flop after a 4! preflop right? Bet pot and then jam almost all turns if called with thought that you may be behind but have nut-flush draw?

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