10NL ACR Blitz: Thoughts on V's flop X/R (1 Viewer)


Sep 5, 2017
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Boston, MA USA
Interesting hand. Thoughts on V's play?

Folds to Hero on BN, RFI 3BB with 87s. SB folds, BB calls.


Flop doesnt favor our range but we do have TP. V X and we bet 1/4 pot for protection, looking to fold out hands that have equity (JTo) but wont call a small bet OOP.
V X/R to 4x or 6.2BB. Hero thinks that 3 things could be happening here:
1. Hero is crushed by 55, 22, 77 (unlikely with two 7s visible)
2. V is X/R a spade draw
3. V is range X/R as this flop favors his range and definitely not mine.
Owing to the likelihood of #2 & #3 vs. #1 and being IP we make the call.


Turn goes X/X.


And river goes X/X and Hero scoops.


Thoughts on V's play? I completely see the give up after I call and front door spades come in and both turn and river favor my range. Tough to keep bluffing on that runout.
How about the X/R? I will make this play on similar boards when in BB as EP/MP (weighted more towards EP) miss and we often have high FE here based on BB vs EP/MP range.
Snowie is wild sometimes.

Is BB short of draws to bluff with here? Maybe V should be squeezing vs. button with a good chunk of suited broadway and all Axss - either for value or as a bluff. If we take all the squeezes out, what suited spade combos would V call and then X/R with? Snowie probably folds a lot of suited combos that I would see a flop with (doesn’t mean I’m right).

Q8hh? I guess V improves with any 4, 6, 8, 9, Q or heart. That’s a lot of cards to continue barreling on. Maybe?

Would I do it? With 30s to decide I’m folding real time without too much tanking.

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