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Mar 23, 2013
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As you all know, I am in the middle of remodeling my basement with the addition of a small 4' wet bar. I only drink Heineken and was thinking of getting something Heineken related for the area.

What is your beer of choice and do you have anything related to the brand? Sign, glasses etc.
For Me!
Do I only have to pick just one? For me, it's pale or cream ales. Right now, my favorite is Camerons, but Sleeman's Cream Ale will do in a pinch. Granville Island English Pale Ale is nice as well. And I have a soft spot for Blue Star, which is a lager I grew up with.

As for stuff, I have a Blue Star neon bar light gathering dust. I should plug it in to see if it still works...
Anything by Big Rock Brewing Company will work for me . . . I like to dabble in various craft brews just for the fun of the tasting experience.
I don't always drink beer but if I do it's what Evers closest for about 4 years I was an alcoholic so now I have one or two a year. I still have some spirits now and then but only on vacation maybe on 40 per year

So take my opinion for the little I drink fav is molson export ale
Though I was reading a Dos Equis commercial. Sometimes a 12 pak will last me a month. If have have some friends over then I will have a couple. There are times when I will have one beer with dinner, and that's it.
I can't drink Heineken, never cared for it. When I was drinking it was mostly Bud Lights, Corona, and maybe a local brew here and there. Haven't had a beer in a real long time though. Maybe since last summer? I don't even know.
I'll be heading down to the Pocono region (Pennsylvania) in a few weeks for a short vacation. Can anyone recommend any good local beers to sample while I'm there?
If you want some German beer I recommend Beck's, Oettinger, Warsteiner and Krombacher. All of them have some good taste.

Warsteiner Yo!
Krombacher Yo!

But Becks and Oettinger? OMG... If you really want a german beer drink Paulaner Weißbier! FTW!

And I thought you were gonna say Budweiser. LOL. I hear that is popular in other countries. ;)

I'll be heading down to the Pocono region (Pennsylvania) in a few weeks for a short vacation. Can anyone recommend any good local beers to sample while I'm there?

Last time I was up there, we went to Lake Wallenpaupack. We had a great time.
So do I, as it reminds me of home. I moved from Newfoundland to Ontario in '92 for a job, and never left. Despite spending half my life here, Newfoundland is still "home". Don't think that will ever change.
Has anyone tried Sam Adams Gold Snap? Is it any good?
I enjoy the Cold Snap, way better than the Alpine Spring they used to release for their Spring beers.

My Sam seasonal rankings

winter>october>cold snap>summer
I buy Southern Star Bombshell Blonde more often than anything else, but I tend not to buy the same beer twice in a row. Pick up the bombshell if you're in Texas, though.
Well, I'm 25 days into "Dry January", so I'm about ready to suck a bar towel at this point! But usually, I'm an IPA drinker all the way. Honestly, I won't bother with anything else. My favorite local craft brewer is Georgetown Brewery in Seattle. But there are dozens of excellent breweries here that have outstanding IPAs. I got a jockey box for Christmas (I have the best wife ever), and I have a keg on order for the Super Bowl. Thank goodness the big game falls on FEBRUARY 1st. 6 more days, and I'll take a little swim in some IPA.
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