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Don Clay

Full House
Apr 24, 2013
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Just for fun.
be the lucky pcf gambler and win the surprise chip

with courtesy of spikeithard :)

Gamblers :
sit 1 Cyril
sit 2 Spikeithard
sit 3 Psypher1000
sit 4 Atomiktoaster
sit 5 bmichaelhorn
sit 6 Mental Nomad
sit 7 Mr Cheese
sit 8 SixSpeedFury
sit 9 stocky
sit 10 Ronoh

Game rules
sit one deals ten hands
first hand is his,
open it, post a picture of it,
sit two open sit 1 hand, deals 9 hands, and open hand 2, then post picture of it,
and so on,

10 sits available, first in, fisrt served,

chips to win :
win with :
high hand : empress $1000 secondary
1 pair : Garden City $500
2 pairs : dirty used roulette chip (terribles)
3 of a kind : Empress $25 primary
straight : Empress $100 primary
flush : broken $5 Even Stevens
full house : dragonara vintage chip
4 of a kind : Lucky Derby $500
straight flush make your choice !

in case of split, first in takes the pot,

Come on in !
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and you must a picture with previous hands
Are you in ?
wait what the heck.. I picked from the card smilies the 4c and 5c yet it is only giving me 4h every time I try it. Tommy?

I am in and I have 4 and 5 of clubs.
No need for a picture.. Not lying here ;)
Thats not so bad :)


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spike has the :4c: . I think you need to try again...? Not my game though.
Mental Nomad IN (nice avatard btw)

4 and 5 of clubs.
Jh 8d
Js Kh
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I'm in. King of clubs and 7 of clubs.

Edited with picture and because I can't type


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