Where to get Samples of Old Havana Club and Asconas? (1 Viewer)


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Jun 11, 2023
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I saw these ceramics which are made by Sun Fly I believe, and heard they were one of the better quality ceramics on the market. I think they are a rather neat aesthetic, but I am not sure about how to acquire samples while based in the US. I have been narrowing my search for a personal first poker chip set, and right now I am decided between a few ceramics or Monte Carlos. Any idea how I could go about getting samples of these without having to buy a full set first?

I ordered db from here a few months back and they were quick and I got what I ordered. The website says they can ship internationally? I am in germany (where they are) so I don’t know how good the international set up is.

I am guessing there is somewhere closer to you to buy samples? But looks like they sell the chips in a set and individually.
I checked the shipping options but USA wasn't an option, so far everything I am seeing are European vendors, and the manufacturer via Apollon doesn't seem to offer samples

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