What's the best (non-poker/chip) contest you've entered? (1 Viewer)


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Mar 26, 2013
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Wilmington, DE
Talking contests recently, and this question came up:

What great contests have you actually entered, and what were the prizes?

I remember entering a contest promoting the James Bond film "Die Another Day." The winner (not me) got a limited-edition 2002 Thunderbird.

In another, my wife and I entered to win a TCM contest. The winner (not us) got a trip to San Francisco and a tour of Hitchcock's film locations in the area.

Any good stories -- or winners -- out there?
When I was 5 or so I won a coloring competition for a VHS copy of TMNT 2.

And that's all I've won...
2002 I "won" a Marlboro Racing School trip to the Fontana Motor Speedway. Didn't so much WIN as I didn't enter anything... big ass envelope showed up one day telling me I won. Apparently reason I won was it had something to do with my DOB. Was awesome, consisted of driving souped up Mustangs on obstacle course, cross between a go cart and an F1 on road course and IROCs on the Speedway itself that I clocked in at 172MPH.

2005 I won a trip to the WSOPME after winning a $27 triple shootout on PokerStars, paid the $10,000 entry + $1000 travel money + another $1000 if I agreed to wear PS logo gear during the tournament (just another Day One casualty).

2006 I won a $10 buy in tournament on Absolute Poker to the afterparty of the Gumball3000 at the Playboy Mansion in LA + $1000 travel cash + another $1000 bounty when I knocked out the AP host in a tournament at the Mansion (winner got a WSOPME seat, I finished 3rd meh).

Haven't hit a trip in awhile, I must be due ;)
I won a radio contest some years ago. It was called "Beat the Bank". A bank vault opens and declares a certain amount of money, you can stop or keep going onto the next vault which always has more money. If you go too many vaults though, the alarm will sound and you lose it all. I won $1,600. I could have gone another 2 vaults for a total of $2k before the alarm sounded so not bad.

I've won a foosball tournament and pool tournament back in my university days along with a belly flop competition. I'm quite proud of the belly flop win as it's hard to do a good belly flop when you're 5'-7" and weight 140lbs.
I won a radio call in contest back in college for a nice 10 speed bicycle, but it got stolen a few weeks later.

I won a $5000 dental machine at a veterinary conference years ago.

I won an iPad Air at the same veterinary conference this year.
I won a bar mirror at a raffle once. Broke on the way home. That's basically it. Confirmed not lucky, no bar mirrors there.
I entered a contest on pokerchipforum.com for a really badass print of some old chip molds...but I didn't fucking win it. ;)

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