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Last night dreamed CPCs arrived even though I hadn't ordered any. Was happy until realised some one would be sad. Took a few moments after waking to turn off the urge to hunt down the poor victim.
Anybody know when next HHR cutoff is? I think it ran towards end of 2023, but I’ve been out of the CPC game for a second.
I placed an order in October for HHR and this was David’s response

“Also, the next installation of the horsehead mold is 6-9 months away.”
David told me a couple months ago that Scrown was planned around march and a couple days ago that my order should be somewhere in April and I am not the first order in queue.

Thanks... not sure where I am in the queue, but I put my order in last May so hopefully close to the front
On the other hand, I'm not so sure that order dates matter all that much

I am interested in a set of the rounders themed chips. What mold should I get.
Most people will say CSQ. I personally like Scroll alot as well so it would be a tough decision for me. I think the feel on a CSQ shuffle stack is their closest mold that feels like a Paulson. Scroll has a more textured feel to them. Good luck on your decision.
My "add on" is now a total of 600 chips and I've been officially cut off from making more adjustments which is great for my wallet. lol

Preparations are already starting for the inlays woohoo!
I'll settle for some updated/new colors. The yellows need help. Could use more vibrancy with purples and reds too...
Respectfully, this has been beaten to death. Short answer....ain't happening. CPC offers a tremendous amount of options compared to what they offered 10 years ago. I would suggest coming to peace with what is currently offered and being thankful it is even an option. With the direction things are going in the chip world I would be greatly surprised if it is an option in 10 years.

There are much more detailed conversations with answers if you want to do a search. We understand your feelings though. You are not alone in your thoughts.

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