Versa 500 Chip Case Accident (1 Viewer)


High Hand
Jan 23, 2024
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So I had the dumb idea of lending one of my friends my travel chip set and when he brings it back to me, one side of the handle is loose. Is their any way to fix this or would I simply have to buy a new one?
Looks like it pulled away from the two screws that are on the inside. It's likely that the screw holes in the handle have been stripped. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised that the screws don't go into the handle very far at all.
Maybe you can get to the screws inside the case and use longer ones? It may require pre-drilling a bit more into the plastic on the handle so it doesnt split.
Buy a new one and send the bill to your “friend”

A Real friend will reimburse you back the money

A “Real” friend will not but it a good excuse to use for the rest of your life if he ever want to borrow any more thing from you

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