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Feb 18, 2024
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new york
Just got this Versa Deluxe chip case and it’s awesome. It says 500 chips but if you don’t need to carry cards/dice you can store up to 628 chips (up to 53 per main column), as shown below. Fits 39mm and 43mm chips (as long as 43mm’s aren’t side by side with each other). I found that four 16mm dice or 1-3 dealer buttons are perfect for dividing the barrels in the card deck spots, while one 19mm die is best for the small middle section. Hope this helps someone looking for a great case for a set this size.

Versa Games 500pc Deluxe Poker Chip Case in Gray Color - Reinforced, Strong, Sturdy Design

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They are nice well built cases. I have 3 of them and they are the only cases I use now. I wish they would come out with an option for a case without the spots cutout for cards.

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