For Sale GPI Elite Chip Set - 1,727 chips (2 Viewers)

Aug 11, 2018
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The following chips are included in this sale, 1,727 in total and the 2 Versa cases. I can't remember exactly, but I believe I purchased all of these from individual members on this site (cases from Amazon). They were all purchased as new, mint chips that have never been felted. I can guarantee that I have never used them and they are as mint and fresh as the day I bought them. As we all know that doesn't mean perfect, but I suppose as close as you are going to find for unused casino "grade" chips. I am a collector and I rarely sell what I collect. Due to that fact that I don't know how to ship these economically (I guarantee I will over pack them and it will cost too much) and unfortunate, current physical limitations, I prefer to not ship. I understand that it might be more helpful to the community if they can be separated and used to complete individual sets. The best I can do at this moment is to make them available for pickup at my office in Tempe, AZ or deliver them to a mutually convenient area within Arizona, Vegas area or Southern California. If someone wishes to pay for them, pick them up, accept full responsibility and ship them to multiple buyers, that is ok with me. What I'm really saying is, please PM me if interested and let's see if we can work out the logistics. Thank you for your interest. Please check out my other 3 sale posts for some more great chips and a poker table. -David

$3,500 takes all, buyer must arrange for pickup or shipping
**I am happy to break these up into cash friendly and tournament friendly sets if that is helpful to multiple buyers**

(100) $0.25
(150) $1
(200) $5
(441) $25
(361) $100
(112) $500
(221) $1,000
(101) $5,000
(21) $25,000
(20) bounty
(2) Versa 1000 cases

Case 2 Interior.jpeg

Case 1 interior.jpeg

Versa Games 1000pc Case 1 Exterior.jpeg

Versa Games 1000pc Case 2 Exterior.jpeg
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Just a suggestion. It might be an easier sell if you broke it down into a cash and tourney set. GLWS!

These are incredible!
Just a suggestion. It might be an easier sell if you broke it down into a cash and tourney set. GLWS!

These are incredible!
That is great advice. I didn’t think of that. I can split this up into a couple of different sets if that would work for someone that needs th cash game friendly denoms and someone else wants the more tournament friendly chips. Thank you for pointing that out shorticus
If we could split, I would like dibs on
- a rack (100) of the $5 chips (I guess I’m second @Goronic for these)
- all (112) of the $500 chips
- all (20) of the bounty chips

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