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Sep 5, 2020
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Las Vegas
Any Vegas (or other) poker players keeping up with the Venetian Deepstack Series? Yesterday was day 1D for their $400 NLH $100k, and they had so many people turn out they had to announce on Twitter that they were going to cap the entries at 450. There were over 200 people on the waiting list for cash games. Apparently, there are accusations that people were paying other players so they could cut in line, and that people were waiting over 4 hours for their alternate number to be called. With all 4 day 1's, they ended up having 1538 players, smashing the guarantee, with a prize pool of $512k, and $91k up top. This is basically the live World Series for the Covid era of live poker.

October is supposed to have another massive series, with Venetian partnering with MSPT. Should Venetian set up one of the unused convention center rooms to run these events? Should this many people be allowed in one place at a time during an ongoing global pandemic? Should a hard cap of entrants be set for each event to help ensure social distancing?

What do you guys think?


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