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Dec 9, 2014
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This is a request for information about the different divisions and the potential to watch Speedway in the UK. I looked at but it doesn't look like my schedule would allow me to attend any of those races. If the opportunity presented itself, I'd love to fly to Heathrow and then find the easiest way (without driving as I won't rent a car) to get to a track for a fun night. I like mixing with locals and would be going solo.

Not that it matters but my fav GP riders are Woffinden, Hancock, Zmarzlik. I bet the UK club races are great fun and I could get behind any rider the fans I'm sitting with liked.

I'd like to know which tracks would be the most fun from people that have been there and done it. I realize there a 3 or more divisions and getting real info on the net is difficult for a noob to sort through.

For those that have never watched this, it is really exciting racing. The only thing I think that is comparable is watching non wing speedcars from OZ/NZ and non wing USAC sprints and midgets from the states.
Arena Essex used to do good events, but I believe it may have shut down now.

Kings Lynn might still still run some good events, up near Norwich. Also Poole (Bournemouth).

I've been in Aus for 11 years, but I'll ask my dad, he might still know as he goes back often and is still into it. Woffinden was in Perth for an event only a few weeks ago actually.
Well if I'm blocked from going to Amsterdam in 3 weeks that gives me the days after school ends so I'm looking at late June-early July. This is all very preliminary. I did see that in the UK they are racing almost every night.

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