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Jan 24, 2024
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Was looking at getting some outlaw poker chips and looked at I think discount poker shop and all together it would have been just under $150 and around 600 chips if I remember correctly for what wanted but it turns out they only deliver to the USA and Canada. I'm in the UK trying to get some and the only option is a box with 5 or 6 different colours and denominations but then won't get to choose and anywhere can choose is way more money than discount poker shop. Any advice on where to look would be great.
Why not have a friendly member reship it to the UK for you?
Ye, I guess that sounds great in theory but is that a risk I want to take. I'm quite new and don't want to risk all this money just trying to get chips.
I made a post earlier about getting chips to the UK from discount poker shop and someone mentioned that some companies will buy them and ship them too you, anyone have any idea what companies to contact for this and about how expensive. Including the US shipping it is just under £150. Bit over 600 chips.

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