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Jul 25, 2017
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Los Angeles
What's the best Pelican case to store a 600 chip set in Justin racks that ideally might be expanded to 700 or 800? (Plus a dealer button or a deck or two)...

How easy is it to pluck out foam from one of these cases to get set up I want? Should I buy an exacto knife?

Thanks y'all!
You’re welcome to look at Pelican cases, but the Apache cases from harbor freight are similar in design and a whole lot cheaper. The 3800 model in particular is great for the number of chips you’re considering.
I recommend doing a search for “3800” here for more info, but here’s a recent review:
Question 1: Apache 3800 does all that fine. Overkill for just 600, but if you want expansion capabilities its perfect, plus room for dealer buttons/cards/whatever.

Foam is super easy to pluck, I'll echo most of the reviews you read: you should definitely buy some plasti-dip cans and spray the foam once you've plucked it. Makes it much better, more robust, and makes sure it stays together rather than breaking apart as you load and unload your chips.

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