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Jan 28, 2024
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Sausalito, CA
Long time lurker, jumping in. Hello all!

Currently I'm ordering an 800 chip Royal Card Room set, building a Pelican Air case on My Case Builder, and following the "Custom Casino Royale Plaques - Adjusted Colors" thread by Pungence to get some plaques made (with the foil printing). I'm new to everything, chips, poker, etc. but had a really good time with friends and home games, so I'm taking the next steps and ditching the Walmart chips!

Glad to be aboard!
Hello and welcome!

MSK plaques are great, but why on earth would you start building with those? Have you worked out your tournament needs with denom breakdowns and quantities?
Yeah allforcharity, I love those!

This is just fun for me and I think the plaques are cool. I have a pretty small group of friends I plan to play with, and I don't think I'll host formal tournaments.

I did look on the forums for breakdowns on the chips, and somewhere I read a good night of poker would take about 100 chips each, considering denominations and breakdowns of course. I am getting 100 of most denominations, and 50 of the higher denominations. I think I'm probably going overkill. The royal chips go up to $100,000 and the plaques take over at $500,000 and $1,000,000 so it works out well.

Needless to say the higher denominations are fantasy money. If we ever do cash I'll use the lower denominations. Feedback welcome.

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