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Apr 8, 2014
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Ottawa area, eastern ontario
I'd like to build a tournament set. That's what lead me to find this site. I Lurked for a long time and am now actively posting. Here's my newest idea.
would buying some of the chips from the chip room Black Friday offers and relabelling the, with my custom logo labels be a viable option?
Here are my thoughts
Brown lucky derby chip as a 25
Red paradice chip as a 50
green paradice as a 100
Aztar casino as a 500
blue lucky derby as a 1000

my questions
are these good quality chips
is relabelling them a good idea
do you think k this would end up a nice tournament set?

thanks for all your responses in advance
First, you don't need the 50.

Second, traditional/Vegas colors are:

Green: 25
Black: 100
Purple: 500
they get less "standard" as you go up from here.

If you are going with non-traditional colors I would avoid using traditional colors (e.g. a green 100) as it may confuse players. Just my 2 cents.
Firstly, what links said about using T50 chips is true. It's just a waste. The general rule of thumb is that each denomination should be 4-5 times higher than the last IE: 25-100-500 with the only exception being 500 to 1000. Given the choices from the Black Friday sale, I would go with red Paradice or Aztar chips as a T5, the green Paradice chips as T25s, the black Lucky Derby chips as T100s, and the white Lucky Derbys as T500s. It's not all too uncommon to see a white T500. They are nice chips as they are made by Paulson, but be aware that the Lucky Derby chips have a slightly different mold around the edges than the Paradices or the Aztars.

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