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Nov 5, 2023
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San Francisco, CA
Had a quick question on strategy on how to use the Add-on/Rebuy Chip as I've played in two tournaments that featured it.

There's an extra chip that you can exchange for an add-on to double your stack OR use it when you bust out as a re-buy.

In both tournaments, when I registered, I came around a 20-25BB stack. Both tournaments were 20 min levels (one tournament was more of a home tournament so blinds would go up quickly; the other tournament was at a smaller card room, blinds going up a little more slowly)

My thought: being able to use it as add-on to double my stack would be better for maneuverability in the tournament.

Any thoughts on this?
When I ran league tournaments using 10k stacks with a 10k now-or-later add-on, about half of the better players (25% of field) opted to start with the bigger stack, and everybody else (75% of field) chose to keep the extra chips in reserve for a later add-on (if suddenly short-stacked or busted). About half of those who deferred chips didn't take the add-on until forced to do so at the end-of-rebuys break.

My personal opinion is that the deferred chips are worth more initially rather than later, and lose value every time the blinds increase if sitting unused on the sidelines. There is also a theoretical advantage of having the bigger stack in many tournament situations, although having a smaller stack can often make tournament decisions easier.

But in similar high-roller televised events, the supposedly 'best players in the world' all defer taking extra chips until later when offered the option. So who really knows....

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