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Dec 25, 2023
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I've mentioned in other threads I have my eye on a few sets. I wanted to get some thoughts on my use cases etc along with sime background.

For xmass this year my wife got me a
300 piece set. The chips were just dice chips. But the box was a nice wooden one she got customized with my name on it. I love it a lot. Whatever purchases i make will keep it in mind.

The problem is that we have a huge family and I can see family events not being covered by 300 chips. Plus theoretically who knows how big the home game I'm starting will get and I'm a fan of future proofing.

To that end I picked up about 500 more dice chips which should cover many use cases for simple beater chips. I also picked up about 15 of those cheap plastic poker plaques to help flesh it out a bit.

i would like to save up and get a higher nice higher end set to go into my wooden case. Probably some ceramics. That could help minimize cost. While also covering the likely size of most of my cash games. 300-500 chips. I figure i might swap some in or out of the wood depending on stakes, or if we get a particuarly large game night

I would like to see about getting a 1000 chip metal slug abs set as well. This seems like the best bang for buck in terms of cheap cost vs both durability and quality. I figure this will effectively replace the dice chips, give a wider range of stakes option, and cover the massive family. Depending on how ai break it dowb it might cover some types of tourny play as well.

Thoughts? i know i'm keeping it modest and the pervailing wisdom is to shun dice and abs and just get tinas etc. I might eventually. And I do plan on trying to get samples before ai buy anything.

Anyone else have experience in running things this way?

We are lacking in members who are content with dice or abs chips for human use.

Most newer members would rather dial in a break down to maximize efficiency, as to afford a more expensive chip, than to excessively buy dice chips.

To me future proofing is buying the chip you want first, so you don't cry twice.

You could go with these knock off CICs for say $230 bucks for 1000 or you could put that with another $400-ish and get a decent break down on clay chips, saving you from buying more than twice. You could likely cover $20k - $25k in bank for about $450 with Tina. For a 10 person single table you could cover it (a tournament) with 400 chips, and only spend about $200 with Tina

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