The Wasp's Nest (CPC - CSQ) (1 Viewer)


Jan 23, 2020
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London, England
Finally got these all organised! So pleased with how they turned out.

Special thanks to @mattross1313 for designing the inlays and letting me bombard him with different ideas. I thought I was done after my RHC set, box, table, cut cards etc...

Once I saw what @Eloe2000 and @JeepologyOffroad had achieved with their sets though, I couldn't resist any longer. Thanks to both of you (I think :ROFL: :ROFLMAO: ) but seriously, you helped me get these over the line, appreciate it. Also, @Eriks you put up with me spamming you for weeks, thanks mate!

I know 1/4 pies aren't to everyone's taste, but I've always loved them, especially the Riverboats (as you can probably tell). I wanted to prove you could make 3 colour pies using CPC colours, a modern twist on a spot pattern that's been around forever. Plus they look amazing in stacks! What they might lack in spot progression, they make up for in "colour progression"...o_O

Think that's everything...onto the pr0n! My camera won’t do the £5s justice :(

EDIT: I figured out how to put better pics up, with a little help!


25p - DG Pink, Retro Lavender, Lavender
TWN 25p.jpeg
TWN 25p_2.jpeg

£1 - DG Peacock, Light Blue, Blue
TWN £1.jpeg
TWN £1_2.jpeg

£5 - DG Peach, DG Arc Yellow, Mandarin Red

£25 - DG Green, DG Yellow, Dark Green
TWN £25.jpeg
TWN £25_2.jpeg

£100 - Bright White, Butterscotch, Blurple

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Well done. Love them all and looking forward to seeing the rest. I also have a DG Pink quarter pie in the plans for my quarter. And CSQ is the BEST mold!
I don't really like CPCs green options but that $25 is a killer combo. Really colorful set, and the DG Peach are really gonna POP!
Beautiful chips!

The quarters remind me quite a bit of Puggy's quarters, which are far and away the favorites that I own.
Whoa, I missed the update to this last week, this set came out fantastic, congrats! And that's coming from someone who really doesn't like quarter pies, especially across a whole set. The coloring on the inlays works sooo well.

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