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Feb 12, 2018
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Just got back from a nice friendly session with a couple of the guys. Since this is the strategy thread and I'm fairly green to the game, I figured I would post some hands that stood out to me during my sessions so you guys could help me review and also give pointers. I'm very competitive and love to study all sports I compete in (Golf/Basketball/Chess) so this is right up my alley, a way of "reviewing game film" so to speak.

Game: Limit Texas Hold-Em
0.01/0.02 (SB Rising by 1 each level)
Start Players: 3
End Players: 2
Buy In/Starting Stack: $2/ T2
Prize Pool: $7.68
Av Chips: T6
Total Chips: T7.68(1 player re-bought in for $1 in Chips after knockout, same player also bought $0.68)
Date: 2/16/18
Notable Hands:

Very 1st Hand of Session:
My Position:
Small Blind

SB(TeeJay)( :qh::jc: ) - Posts $0.01
BB(Nick)(??)- Posts $0.02
BTN(Q)(??) - Calls $0.02
SB(TeeJay)( :qh::jc: )- Calls $0.01
BB(Nick)(??)- Raises to $0.15
BTN(Q)(??) - Calls - $0.13
SB(TeeJay)( :qh::jc: ) - Calls $0.13

Flop: :5s: :8d: :ah:

SB(TeeJay)( :qh::jc: ) - Checks
BB(Nick)(??) - Checks
BTN(Q)(??)- Checks

Turn: :4d:
SB(TeeJay)( :qh::jc: ) - Checks
BB- Checks
BTN- Checks

River: :ac:

SB(TeeJay)( :qh::jc: ) - Bets $0.15
BB- Folds
BTN- Folds

Winner: SB(TeeJay)( :qh::jc: ) Before Showdown

Pot: $0.55

(I was actually surprised I won this hand, I only really raised after the River to semi-bluff the Ace? Figured since both players checked after the flop and turn their hands weren't that strong, they were still searching for a draw. Guess it worked lol)
Hand #6
: SB

SB(TeeJay)( :qs: :tc: ) Posts $0.01
BB- Posts $0.02
BTN- Calls $0.02
SB(TeeJay) ( :qs: :tc: ) - Calls $0.01
BB- Raises to $0.09
BTN- Calls $0.07
SB(TJ) ( :qs: :tc: ) - Calls $0.07

Flop: :6d: :9c: :jd:

SB(TeeJay) ( :qs: :tc: ) - Checks
BB- Checks
BTN- Bets $0.15
SB(TeeJay) ( :qs: :tc: ) - Folds
BB- Calls $0.15

Turn: :3c:

BB- Check
BTN- Check

River: :2h:
BB- Checks
BTN- Bets $0.10
BB- Raises to $0.20
BTN- Raises to $0.30
BB- Folds

Winner: Q (BTN) Before Showdown
Pot: $1.17
Loss: -$0.09

(Maybe I folded too early? Not sure, but I didn't catch anything on the flop and didn't want to risk more chips.)

Hand #15


SB(TeeJay) ( :ad: :2c: )- Posts $0.01
BB- Posts $0.02
BTN- Raises to $0.35
SB(TeeJay)( :ad: :2c: )- Folds
BB- Folds

Winner: Q (BTN) Before Showdown
Pot: $0.38
Loss: -$0.01

(Another Hand where I feel I may have folded too early, especially because the man playing behind me folded also. A2 didn't seem like a strong enough hand to call the raise with? Especially with the player who raised, he's a loose aggressive, but plays good hands in the showdown.)

Hand #24

SB- Posts $0.03
BB(TeeJay)( :ac: :jc: ) - Posts $0.06
BTN- Calls$0.06
SB- Calls $0.03
BB(TeeJay) ( :ac: :jc: ) - Checks

Flop: :tc: :8c: :qc:
SB- Checks
BB(TeeJay)( :ac: :jc: ) - Bets $0.20
BTN- Raises to $0.30
SB- Calls $0.30
BB(TJ)( :ac: :jc: ) - Calls $0.10

Turn: :4c:
SB- Checks
BB(TJ)( :ac: :jc: )- Checks
BTN- Checks

River: :td:

SB- Checks
BB(TJ)( :ac: :jc: )- Bets $0.30
BTN- Folds
SB- Raises to $0.40
BB(TJ) ( :ac: :jc: ) - Calls $0.10

BB(TJ) ( :ac: :jc: ) - Flush ( :tc: :8c: :qc: )
SB- ( :qh: :8s: ) - 2 Pair ( :tc: :8c: :qc: )

Winner: BB(TJ) ( :ac: :qc: :jc: :tc: :8c: ) - Flush
Pot: $1.88

(I think I played this hand pretty safe, against the loose aggressive better. Maybe I could have bet more? Didn't want to scare potential callers/raisers.)

Hand #26

SB- Posts $0.01
BB- Posts $0.02
BTN(TJ)( :ac: :ah: ) - Calls $0.02
SB- Calls $0.01
BB- Checks

Flop: :th: :5c: :9s:
SB- Checks
BB- Bets $0.20
BTN(TJ)( :ac: :ah: ) - Calls $0.20
SB- Calls $0.20

Turn: :kh:
SB- Checks
BB- Checks
BTN(TJ)( :ac: :ah: ) - Bets $0.30
SB- Folds
BB- Raises to $0.35
BTN(TJ)( :ac: :ah: ) - Calls $0.05

River: :9d:

BB- Bets $0.30
BTN(TJ)( :ac: :ah: ) - Calls $0.30

BB- ( :qh: :tc: ) - 2 Pair ( :th: :9d: :9s: )
BTN(TJ) ( :ac: :ah: ) - 2 Pair ( :9d: :9s: :th: )

Winner: BTN(TJ) ( :ac: :ah: :9d: :9s: :th: ) 2 Pair - Aces & 9s

Pot: $1.96

(I was pretty nervous about playing these pocket Aces after the turn didn't look so good with a King coming out. Luckily the SB and BB Checked, giving me an opportunity to raise, and a little more confidence that maybe a king wasn't in someone's hand. Ended up a good bet.)

This Hand Needs a Ruling/Opinion
Hand #28

SB(TJ)( :qd: :8h: )- Posts $0.01
BB- Posts $0.02
BTN- Calls $0.02
SB(TJ)( :qd: :8h: )- Calls $0.01
BB- Checks

Flop: :8d: :jh: :5s:
SB(TJ)( :qd: :8h: ) - Checks
BB- Bets $0.10
BTN-Raises to $0.20
SB(TJ)( :qd: :8h: ) - Calls
BB- Calls $0.10

Turn: :9h:
SB(TJ)( :qd: :8h: )-Bets $0.30
BB- Calls $0.30
BTN- Folds

River: :td:
SB(TJ)( :qd: :8h: )-Bets $0.15
BB- Calls $0.15

SB(TJ)( :qd: :8h: )- Straight ( :jh: :td: :9h: )
BB- ( :qh: :3c: )-Straight ( :jh: :td: :9h: :8d: )

SB(TJ)( :qd: :jh: :td: :9h: :8h: ) - Straight

Pot: $1.36

(This is a hand that I need an opinion on. At the showdown, it was determined that I was winner with a straight. The Big Blind had a straight also and argued that the pot should be split because we both had Queens to make a straight. The ruling by the group was that I was the sole winner of the pot because I used two hole cards to create my 5, and also if we tied Queens my kicker card was an 8 and his a 3. Was this the correct ruling or should we have split the pot?)


There were numerous other hands played where I lost small and large amounts, and lost focus... but these were the ones I was able to log and remember.

Buy In: $2.00

Cash Out: $3.60 (+$1.60)

Pretty decent session for limit penny poker, tried to play tight and aggressive when the opportunity presented itself.

Any tips or comments guys? Thanks for reading.
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Nope... split pot for hand #28.

Hole vs board cards is irrelevant. There is no difference in the strength of a hand based on which cards you use.

The kickers are irrelevant because you’re measuring the best 5-card hand and you’ve both used 5 cards to make your straights.
I’d say you need to be raising a lot more, preflop. Practically every hand you showed us, you had what I’d consider a premium hand, 3-handed.
I wonder why you limped the aces? 3 handed, I guess I can see it, because you don’t want to scare both opponents off pre-flop. Though, if that’s your philosophy, at least go for a min raise to build the pot. But don’t get it in your mind that that’s a hand you want to slow play to be sneaky.
Thanks @BSteck , looks like I owe one of my buddies $0.65 lmao.

Appeciate the advice @upNdown , i'm still working out my playing style but my reasoning for limping the Aces was to attract betters. When I play with these guys i'm usually conservative, so I thought me firing off a big bet Pre-Flop may cause them to fold.
Hand #6 I would have stayed in. You flopped an open-ended straight draw...one of two cards will give you the straight (king or 8). This is a good spot to be in and you are risking 0.15 to win 0.42
I'm very competitive and love to study all sports I compete in (Golf/Basketball/Chess) so this is right up my alley, a way of "reviewing game film" so to speak.

I love poker. I like chess. But let's be real, they are games, not sports :D
Hand 24

Why check the turn? A 4th club hit so your nut flush might now be up against another solid flush. If no one calls no one was going to pay off your hand anyway.

Then when you bet the river and get raised (I'll explain the illegal raise in a sec) there is no reason to just call. I mean yeah, now there's a full house possibility, but I take that chance and raise.

And why was there a hand with .03/.06 blinds?

As far as the river raise on hand 24, all raises have to be at least as large as the previous bet or raise. So your .30 bet means in order to raise he would have had to go to .60 (your .30 bet plus the minimum legal raise of .30). If you wanted to re-raise the smallest legal amount after that you only have to match his .30 raise to make it .90 total.

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