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5) I think the group buy should start next week

I am ready. I know my order quantities for a 3-table tourney set with rebuys. PLUS, I _may_ be also buying a set for someone in my local group who wants an upgrade to his dice chips... we'll see.
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I've had then for a couple of weeks now, picking them up for a bit, playing with them, then walking away for a while before revisiting, and, I'm ready to pronounce that I can't make a decision :)

They are TOO heavy! A full 1.5g heavier than the Abiatti, but weighing in equal to the Matsui. I did not throw BJ into the equation as I don't see them being a direct option in this market. Are they still selling direct??

The colors are great! From a pure aesthetics view, they are fantastic, especially at the price point of about $1.

In direct comparison to an equal stack of Abiatti, Matsui and Paulson RHC, the Sunfly sounded more like the Paulson when shuffled/riffled than the other plastics. Not nearly as dead and dull as the plastics. Not quite as lively as the Paulson RHC, but, not far off.

I've handled chips that are more slick/slippery than these, but, these are still far more slippery than I prefer. About equal, IMO, to the Abiatti, not quite as slick as Matsui.

Aside from the terrible weight, yes, to me the weight is TERRIBLE, they are also slightly wider than a Paulson. Equal in dimension to Abiatti and Matsui, but, when a Paulson and these are stacked on top of each other, the Sunfly is slightly wider. 39.5mm? 40mm?

For the money, I would definitely consider them...if they didn't weigh a metric F@$& ton!
UPDATE!!! - I am working with Sun-Fly to offer non-denominated chips, I will have to work out the details with Sun-Fly but I believe each denominated chip will be offered in two versions with and without the denomination on the chip. This will allow you to use the chip for a different denomination if desired.
If you like heavier plastics with a lighter sound and a reasonable price point, these are a go. If you don't like heavy chips or you prefer a duller/deeper sound, then these are not for you.

Black Diamond
Park Place
Bud Jones
San Juan
Grand Aruba
Tropicana Tourney
Tropicana Cash
Crown Casino Royals

@BearMetal I tried to follow your template, but it just was not working for me. Sorry. I think folks can see colors and spot patterns from photos better than I can articulate. They all do feel a bit different, but not a whole lot. And I don't know how I can express anything meaningful, especially as I don't have a strong feeling about them. And I can't shuffle chips (my great secret is out).

But what I can provide is the two rows in the table above and some "You might like OASIS if..." statements below.

Sound. Ranking does not mean better or worse. I compared the sound to Paulsons. Paulsons are a higher pitch than all these plastics. A higher score on sound means a higher pitch and thus closer to Paulsons. So, the Sunflys are a somewhat higher pitch than the other plastics, but not as high (in my opinion) as the Matsuis and the Gemaco Tropicana.

Weights. I have a scale. I put a chip on it. You know if you prefer heavier or lighter chips - you don't need my opinion.

You might like OASIS if...
  • You want a cheaper version of B&G and you wish B&Gs did not have a dull thud sound.
  • You want a cheaper and heavier Abbiati
  • You love Matsuis, Bud Jones, or (hard, e.g. Tourney) Gemacos but wish they were heavier
You would not like OASIS if...
  • You think the soft plastic and heavy thud of soft (e.g. cash) Gemacos is the best thing ever
  • You think chips should never be over 10.5 grams.
A couple other thoughts:
  • These are ever so slightly wider than 39mm. I do not have calipers, but they are slightly wider diameter than CPCs, Paulsons, Matsuis, Gemacos, and Bud Jones. They are the same diameter as B&G Europas. They still fit in Justin racks.
  • I did not compare with Tinas (I have plenty) because they really are not comparable. Not better, not worse, they're just not in this category. You should compare Tinas to ceramics like Chipco, BR Pro, and Sunfly's other ceramic lines.
  • The sluggo Crown Casino Royals hold up surprisingly well in this comparison. If you plan to relabel chips yourself, you want plastics with a similar look, and budget really matters, these are a solid choice...even if the other PCFers on the playground make fun of you.
Photo of all chips I compared.
Tell me if you want side by sides of any particular chip or colors and I'll repost.
0-10 Table Ratings

SunFly OASISSunFly PolyInnoMatsui ZenGemaco TropicanaAbbiati Park PlaceBud Jones V2 Big EasyB+G
Label Print Clarity6N/A98577
Feel (Texture)5577867
Shuffle Smoothness7688977
Colors (Variety)8666965
Colors (Appeal)7777966
Edge Spots5647876


Sunfly OASIS Summary
We had these out on the table last night with a few PCFers in appearance. @allforcharity brought out a bunch of plastic chip samples including BJ V2, Matsui Zen, B&G, and Abbiati. I’m trying to be as honest as I can here and not sugar coating anything.

Overall, I would say the OASIS chips are decent. I don’t love them, I don’t hate them. The colours are great. Bright and vibrant for the most part. Maybe slightly below Abbiati, but still above average. I’m not really a fan of the OASIS design. It’s not bad, I just don’t find it very interesting or exciting. They sound goo when shuffling. It’s nothing like the plastic sound of Abbiati or Matusi (Which I do like as a change to the normal clay thud) I prefer them to clackiness of BJ, but didn’t like them quite as much as Gemaco. I do have a soft spot for the Abbiati sound, but might not be everyone’s favourite.

In terms of handling, they are very slippery. Out of all the chips we had last night they were far and away the most slippery. We didn’t have Matsui Emerald Bays which I think are still worse from memory, but the OASIS are probably 85% as slippery. This was the biggest turn off to these out of our groups thoughts. They shuffle pretty well, but you will have them collapse occasionally, especially if I tried to shuffle 4 chips into a larger stack. I liked them while shuffling, but I would put them behind Abbiati, Matsui Zen, B&G and Gemaco. Edging out Bud Jones (although some in our group disagreed with me).

I think as a set, the colours are really well chosen and is the biggest appeal for me. A T100 set would be likely look great in racks and on the table and I’m sure a lot of players would enjoy playing with these. I’m not sure where I’m at in terms of value yet though. I haven’t got a chance to try the new Web mold.

These definitely land above Greek Mold in terms of quality, colours, sound, and likely handling. But considering these are likely double the price they are less appealing in that way, although I think the argument can still be made for these. I think compared to Zen’s the value isn’t as strong, but that really depends on the price you can find Zen’s for which seems to vary greatly and you’ll struggle to build exactly the set you want so that levels the field.

The Gemaco Tropicana’s I think are miles ahead in terms of value for the lower demons. Under $0.40 cents compared to what I understand to be likely $1 for the GB of the OASIS. Tropicana’s are just so far ahead for me, but their lack of higher denoms and less vibrant colours are certainly considerations.

At the end of the day, these are really a Plastic / Ceramic hybrid, almost like a weighted ceramic. Which I like. It’s different. I wish they were less slippery and hand more options in terms of customization and design though which I think really pulls these down a few tiers for me. I do think a 43mm option could be really interesting.

Would I Buy A Set
Most likely not. Doesn’t really scratch the itch of a premium plastic set which was my hope going in.

SunFly OASIS Pictures / Comparison Images
Thanks to the good offices of @arch3r I've had a sample set to paw for the past few days. My take with the following caveats. I definitely favor clay, though I own and have owned ceramics, I quite like some plastics (Matsui) don't like others (Bud Jones) and don't have experience with yet others (Abbiati).

The Good
The weight. Others complain but I really, really like the uber heft of these beasties.
The texture. Feel good in the hand. I don't have a complete barrel but they seem to stack very solid for what I do have. I tend to really like some of the older Matsui sets (WSOP style) that have a slightly "rubbery" feel. That feel plus this weight would be dream like (Matsui might even do that?)
The look. For a generic standard color set they look good. It's tough to make something that will appeal to many and not have it be too cheesy. These are firmly in the good camp.
The price. At the anticipated price point of ~$1 I think they are fine offering. There's really not a lot of quality in this price point. Leaving aside ceramics as a separate thing, this can definitely get one into the quality chip world.

The Not Good or Bad
The look. Notice from @p5woody that non denoms might/will be available definitely makes these a somewhat more interesting proposition. It's kind of a coin flip with that news. The denom in the outer ring is often part of the look of plastics (to me anyway), but it certainly makes the set less flexible. When these were first shown I saw a possible set but it required rejiggering the color options. The Brown chip is one of the best looking color schemed chips I've ever seen but I'm a sucker for that color combo.

The Bad
The look. Lack of variety of spot patterns. I know that this is an initial offering and Sun Fly are feeling there way around with this new medium, but facts is facts, some variety of chip design would be nice. That said given the specifics and complexity of manufacture I don't know if a variety is in the offing or if it was would it be enticing enough for (semi)custom sets. I'm very curious about what the future holds.

Having these label ready (no offense to the fine work that was done on the inlay) would probably make more folks psyched.

The Ugly
There really isn't anything awful about these. I still don't know that I'm sold, buy I am intrigued.

If anyone is interested in the sample set I have, I'll let it go for what I was charged.

Oasis samples.JPG

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