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Aug 13, 2013
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(NOTE: All available sample sets have been shipped, leaving thread open for now to allow people to offer/request sample sets after evaluation is complete - I am not coordinating this and will close thread next week)

Official review thread:
(Thanks BearMetal)

I have 20 45 sample sets of the new injected-molded chips from Sun-Fly (12 chips/set). I am selling these shipped for $18 ($12($1/chip) + $6 for shipping). Sun-Fly will be offering a GB for these chips starting in March.
Please reply here with 1, 2, 3, and anything else you would like to add
1) I am able to review these compared to similar products - Bud Jones, Abbiati, Matsui
2) I am able to review but can't compare them to a similar product
3) I am interested in participating in the group buy

I have never shipped international, do I have to do anything different? If I do then I will probably limit it to US addresses only. If I get more than 20 request, I will give priority to members who are able to review these chips. I am sending out one sample set tomorrow, so I can get an estimated shipping cost to US addresses. I will start packaging the sample sets this weekend and will get them sent out as quickly as possible next week. I will send PMs to get your shipping address.

Additional information:

Sample sets will inclue one each:

Updated spreadsheets as of 3/10 9AM:


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1 & 3 have an abbiati tourney and cash set as well as some matsui samples...would love to compare!
2. I can review them against my BR Pro DDLM and SPW sets
3. I’m interested in participating in the GB

I have a US shipping address.
1 & 3 with a bunch of local chippers, if there's any samples left.
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