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Apr 25, 2013
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I have a new CNC setup at my shop and I've found that a lot of people are having a hard time buying the suited cutout aluminum raised rail material. I'm now producing my own which is very similar to the one that most have already used in the past. I've got them for sale for $60 per 8' strip. For a 42"x84" table with a 6" rail, 2 pieces can do the inside raised rail, but any larger and you'll need 3 strips. Each strip also comes with a cracked ice diffuser which sits behind the brushed aluminum piece to diffuse any light.

Here's some pictures of a diffuser I made myself:
This one still has a protective film on it along with some arrows to show the direction of the faux grain

With the film peeled off:

I'm interested in purchasing. My custom tables dimensions are 6'x4' with rounded ends on either side. But my rail is 5" wide, and 2.25" thick, so i'm not sure what the actual length of the diffuser I would need. Perhaps you could figure that out? I have rough calculations, but i doubt that they are precise. My approximation is 122" long and 1.5 inch tall.


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