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Feb 25, 2014
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For any of those in the US with hopes of ever seeing internet poker back in the US again, not sure what to think of this news. Adelson is vocally opposed to online gaming and is trying everything in his power over the last few years to keep online gaming out of the US.

Maybe he will run out of money to fund his opposition to online gaming?

Just found the article pretty interesting
Don't hold your breath about Adelson in the poor house. The fact that he has so much wealth is amazing. The artical lacks perspective about stock vis-a-vis other gaming stocks. Gaming stocks peaked in the late throws of the boom '06='07 and hurt when the economy supporting the casinos hurt. They'll be okay.
Did you read the whole article? He's still the 23rd richest person on the planet.
BUT...maybe theres some hope he finds better things to do. I did read elsewhere that this is majorly in part due to the poor results Macau is showing.

A man can dream cant he
The grassroots Poker Players Association vs the billions of dollars of Sheldon Adelson. I really don't know who will win. If the PPA triumphs, you will see me back at the tables trying to plug leaks in my game. If Adelson wins... I hope that the PPA makes the battle last long enough that Adelson never sees a profit compared to the amount he spent.

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