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Mar 8, 2014
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Phase lll at Del Boca Vista
I am looking to buy tonight a 3 in 1 table (bumper pool/poker/dining). I like the idea of having a small pool table around and the cost of these tables would be less the cost of a decent quality custom round table.

I have 2 choices.... both about the same distance away from me.
Which one looks better overall and what one would you rather play on for poker?
I think the 2nd link (in waterloo) looks better imo

check out all the pics on the links
ugh. don't care for either tbh. but if i had to choose i would pick the 2nd one just because it would look nicer as a piece of furniture.
I'm with Links. The second table is the nicer of the two. The first one looks like it's unfinished, or would require refinishing. Might be just the photos, though.
I too prefer the 2nd table.
I have one of these bumper/poker tables. I hated playing poker on the hard surface, crappy chip trays for poker and drinks were always getting spilled with those low profile cup holders. I made a separate poker topper (48" diameter) for my table....just like building a table without worrying about a base, legs. Seats 7 normal size people comfortably.
If you were closer I'd give you mine.

awww thanks though!

really looking forward to getting this. I was watching some youtube clips of the game being played. Looks like fun and a good amount of strategy to be employed.

And yes I may do something with the poker table top. Alter it somehow. Those chip trays are nassssty!
FWIW, I played bumper pool a grand total of 2-3 times. Suffice it to say it is not where the action is. Unless you're really drunk. And there's something to be said for being really drunk.
Got it yesterday and just got it up today.. had to get new rubber rings for the bumpers. They were so old and hard. Balls barely bounced off them.

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