RIP Kenny Rogers (1 Viewer)

RIP Mr. Kenny, definitely influential in my younger years, "The Coward of the County" and "The Greatest" definitely were in the mix on a regular basis listening to country predominantly in our home.

Believe or not, I was much more exposed to Kenny at Chritmas Time! My mothers favorite album was always The Dolly Parton/Kenny Roger's Christmas album... in today's time starting Thanksgicong evening, I can play that album over and over and never get tired of it... it contains the true meaning of Christmas for me!

Funny later in life being a construction worker and working with many Jamaicans I discovered they absolutely love Kenny Roger's and if you play his music for them it is also like soul food. They as a culture know every song by heart!! I was absolutely blown away!!

Decaying health is awful for anyone that has to go through that, this had been coming for quite a while and now he is at peace!! Fly High Brother you definitely left your mark not only on the world but personally on my soul, you will be missed but never forgotten!!

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