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Feb 9, 2020
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Ostfriesland, Niedersachsen, Germany

Pretty much anything that could be discussed about my set this far. Planning to change a few things, but not sure what to do exactly.

Any ideas on how to store the other 30 chips that are currently leftovers.

Any ideas on how to build my own storage Box/transport container, preferably Wood, since that's what I have on Hand and am comfortable to build with, while not going out of house because I obviously shouldn't and neither should you :)

For anybody asking:
Yes I'm about to finally clean them right now.
130x Bellagio 1s
60x Bellagio 5s
100x Jack 5s
120x Jack 25s
140x Jack 100s
20x Jack 500s

Greetings and stay at Home


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Actually it gets used for both in different games and locations. Otherwise I don't really need this many 100s and any 500s at all since our Cash games never go this deep :)
So those are mainly used for tourneys or on my desk as shuffling stacks, that's why the 500s are so dirty :D
Idea for storage and transport - start by reading this https://www.instructables.com/id/Pirates-treasure-chest/ and if that sounds easy build one. Use pick and pluck foam https://www.amazon.com/SRA-Cases-Pr...1585866835&sprefix=apache+4800,aps,165&sr=8-2 in the bottom to hold a tray for your chips https://www.amazon.com/Vinci-Capaci...=1&keywords=dealer+tray&qid=1585866498&sr=8-5 and some egg crate foam for the top https://www.amazon.com/Acoustic-Foa...9Y2xpY2tSZWRpcmVjdCZkb05vdExvZ0NsaWNrPXRydWU= to help it all stay put during transport.
That's a cool idea. I like it.
I'm not to much of a Pirate theme fan, so I'll probably think of some other theme for it, but the rest of it makes total sense.
Just that I can't really finish it without ordering quite a bit of stuff.
Any ideas on how to store the other 30 chips that are currently leftovers.

Just remove the cards an dealer button and use the case for chips only.
Cards dealer button can have inserts cut into the foam of the 'roof' of the case.

Not sure why you are making work for yourself.....
Well. Pretty much got time as most people have currently, so I'm searching for some entertainment and why don't use the opportunity.

The old case actually is a really cheap one and the foam on top isn't thick enough, so I could cut out some for cards and button :)
Dibs on the Jack 5s if split. JK! It is difficult to recommend storage options without knowing what kind of tools you own to transform the materials you have on hand. Look at what is available from the site vendors is my best guess. Local classifieds also offer opportunities for vintage or inexpensive storage options.

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