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Nov 12, 2014
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First off I would like to say thank you.
You guys are pretty good at not filling our inbox with the M word, and it's appreciated.

I see this question here and there, and I am finding I want a clear dedicated post to point here we are.
I wrote most of this back in February, but on a sale thread...

To us here at Gear Labels; to "murder" a chip is to permanently change a chip, to create a space for a 3rd party laminated label.

In our world, you only mill chips without inlays, like hot stamped chips, to create a space for a 3rd party laminated label.
Yes, there are chips out there that had labels, and have had a drill press remove said labels.
As some others have mentioned, that has a tendency to leave flashes of original label (and the original inlay space) left behind.
That just makes our little OCD hearts die inside a bit, but we are picky, YMMV.

The main reason we have to differentiate between the two, is for sizing purposes.
A chip that has had a drill bit pressed into it has a new and different inlay space size than one where the label has been manually removed.

Our definition of a labeled chip (one that has a 3rd party label applied to it) can be:
  • Fully intact with a thin label applied on top of the existing inlay. The original existing inlay is thus unharmed.
    • We call this Overlabeling/Overlabeled.
  • Having had its original inlay manually removed by hand (utility blade method), and the space that is left (shaped or circular) gets a laminated label applied in it.
    • We call this Inlay Removed / Inlay Replaced.
  • Having had its hot stamp (or inlay)removed via milling it off with a fast moving bit. The space that remains has a laminated label applied in it.
    • We call this milled.
Your definitions and opinions may vary...but this is how Gear and I communicate and be clear about what size to cut your labels.
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I feel like there needs to be a special definition for removal of paper inlays. Aggravated murder? Hate crime? However not sure if that could be translated in the Gear nomenclature.

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