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Mar 23, 2013
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I didn't realize how much bigger my Terrible's set grew over the last few months. I would buy some chips here and there. So I did a chip count of all chips in the Terrible's set including labeled chips and others that I may label later.

Terrible's St. Jo Primaries

  • 200 x $0.25 (Blue Star Casino quarters - may label these)
  • 430 x $0.50 (new)
  • 530 x $1 (new)
  • 590 x $5 (450 new/140 used)
  • 540 x $25 (su)
  • 623 x $100 (400 new/223 su)
  • 350 x $500 (new)
  • 240 x $1000 (Aztec $500 secondaries - waiting to be labeled)
  • 117 x $1000 (labeled GV $500 secondaries)

Total Chips: 3,620 :cool:
Current chip count, not including samples, = 7278
Too lazy to do a breakdown of denominations but here's what I've got. Samples not included

Terrible's St Jo's: 1250
Ace's Casino: 1325
Royal Yaks: 1300
Paulson THC Hostampted set: 300

Another 1k ordered and half paid for but those are probably 6 months out lol

- - - - - - - - - Updated - - - - - - - - -

Baller! Wish I had half that many chips even lol
Hmmm well lets count this out

1500x par-a-dice roulettes

1700 Terribles (cash)
400x .50
500x $1
600x $5
180x $25
20x $100

1000 World tophat & cane (cash)
200x .25
500x $1
300x $5

100 Classic paulson (cash) looking to add to this soon but not just yet
100 x $25

600 Pharaoh paulsons (tournament)
140x t25
160x t100
100x t500
160x t1000
40x t5000 (china clays)
12 x 5000 plaques

600 Paulson Nations poker series (Tournament)
140x t25
160x t100
100x t500
160x t1000
40x ncv
12x 5000 plaques

740 Paulson grandcard rooms (tourney)
160x t25
240x t100
100x t500
140x t1000
100x t5000

800x Bcc grandcard rooms (tourney)
160x t25
200x t100
100x t500
140x t1000
100x t5000
60x t25,000
40x ncv

1080 Paulson world tophat & canes (tourney)
320x t25
260x t100
200x t500
200x t1000
100x t5000
will be getting 240 more of these soon as well

3000x pgi 8v's in the mail currently with labels coming soon as well

500x nhl chips to as a joke of course.

total in the house 8920
in the mail 3000
real total will be 11920

On order I have another 3000 from the cps group buy.
My set comes inside a cracker jack box compared to you guys! :p
Let's see here..

Royal Yaks
100 x 5c
125 x 25c
125 x $1
200 x $5
300 x $25
300 x $100
250 x $500
200 x $1000
150 x $5000

So, 1750 Yaks

20 x Rebuy (ABC)
25 x Yak Bounty (PGI)
100 x Paulson "One on One" Blue solids

approx 200 sample chips and counting (get samples, they say...)

ABS - approx 1500 chips. No, I'm not getting them out to count.

Total: approx 3600. Still an infant, chip-wise.

(and 600 CPS Tourney (hopefully))
1200 Custom ASM Cash Set
200 x 25c
600 x $1
300 x $5
60 x $10
30 x $20
10 x 4100

3048 Faux Clays (all original, not dyed)
669 x Red
619 x Green
400 x Black
410 x Purple
420 x Yellow
410 x Grey
120 x Orange

Pending Sets:

1000 Custom Ceramic Cash Set
200 x 25c
500 x $1
260 x $5
40 x $20

2450 CPS Tournament Chips
400 x 5
500 x 25
400 x 100
300 x 500
400 x 1000
200 x 5000
100 x 25000
50 x 100000
50 x 250000
50 x Bounty
Just a few there..You have that really nice custom made cabinet for your chips right? (I can't remember if that was you)
Okay, I will give this a try . . .

100 pc Heads Up set

20 x $0.50 PCA secondaries
65 x $1.00 PCA secondaries
15 x $5.00 PCA secondaries

500 pc Micro-stakes cash game set (ceramic: Unique)

200 x $0.05 butterscotch
150 x $0.10 aqua blue
100 x $0.25 mid-purple
50 x $1.00 light grey
First ever cash set, with the usual mistake of having nickels AND dimes.

625 pc Jubilee 1/4 pie tournament set (ceramic: Unique)

125 x T5
250 x T25
125 x T100
50 x T500
25 x T1000
25 x T5000
25 x T25000
First tournament set. I added some T25 as well as the 5k and 25k chips later. I should not have bothered.

1000 pc Pharoah's Club cash game set.

400 x $0.25
400 x $1.00
120 x $5.00
60 x $25.00
20 x $100.00
Bought these to enable myself to run anything from a $0.25/$0.25 all the way up to a small $1/$2 game.

1040 pc Private Cardroom (solids) deepstack tournament set

240 x T25 Green
260 x T100 Charcoal
200 x T500 Royal Purple
200 x T1000 Orange
100 x T5000 Light grey
50 x T25000 Chocolate

740 pc mixed casinos cash game set

200 Empress Casino roulette chips "B"
180 x Fitzgerald $0.25 chips in metallic gold with gold hot stamp
200 x PCA secondary $1.00 chips
120 x Empress secondary $5.00 chips
20 x Grand Victoria primary $25.00 chips
20 x PCA primary $100.00 chips
I bought these because I wanted a Paulson set. It also includes 40 PCA secondary $5.00s, and a barrel of PCA primary $25.00s for no apparent reason. The thing I like about it is that I managed to synch the colours. The roulettes colour match the blue edge spots on the $5.00s, and the gold metallic edge spot appears on everything except the roulettes and the hundos. The $100.00 are just bad-ass though, so I can live with them being the odd man out.

500 pc Paulson roulette "K" non-denominated cash set.

200 Olive green
160 Medium blue
100 Dayglo orange
40 Charcoal
Bought these so the wife could have "her" set.

And that is about it. Total works out to be just 4505 chips, though I keep contemplating adding some nickels to the Pharoah's set.
The next topic/thread will be "how and where do you store all your chips" LOL. :cool:
Any pics of the "unique" ceramics and Private Cardroom chips? Can't say I've ever seen Private Cardroom in a solid chip...
Here is the link to his site.

My micro cash set is from his "classic" line, and the 1/4 pies are just that. Made a few changes on the colours with the 1/4 pies, namely the T25 is green/grey, the T500 is purple/white.

The PCRs are a China Clay chip. No pics taken of them, and only used a few times to date. IIRC, I bought them privately off of someone at HPT.

Link for pics . . .
Thanks, Milo. It looks like the PCRs were discontinued in 2011. Too bad, 'cause they are a beautiful chip. The Jubilee solids on that site caught my eye...I may have to order a sample.
Let me look and see if I have some . . . nope, the samples I have are the 1/4 pie Jubilees. You are welcome to them if you like, not to mention most of my other samples . . .
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I only have a few over 1800… I feel inadequate.

Can I count all the sets I have sold? Then the total would be….. around 5000.
200 Olive green
160 Medium blue
100 Dayglo orange
40 Charcoal
Bought these so the wife could have "her" set.

Possible to see some pics round here ?

And that is about it. Total works out to be just 4505 chips, though I keep contemplating adding some nickels to the Pharoah's set.[/QUOTE]

- - - - - - - - - Updated - - - - - - - - -

PCA ca$h : 600
Empress Tourn€y : 340
Terribles st jo & mk mixed roulettes + ca$h : 900
oak tree ca$h : 960
garden city ca$h & tourn€y : 1580
ultimate bet : 610
HU grand victoria : 100.
par-A-Dice ca$h : 408
and 100 misceallenous paulson chips.
What breakdown of UB chips do you have Don Clay? I've got 200 black UB $100's, 200 Grey UB $100's and 50 UB $25's.
I want to know who has some of those Blue Chip Casino quarters. ;)
I do not have a camera, though the wife has a nice one . . . never been much for the picture taking. Maybe over the Holidays, I will prevail upon the boss to whip off a number of pics of my stuff, save it to a flash drive, and work on it at my leisure.
I have 2 sets.

Milano Tournament set - for up to 16 players T2000
160 x $5
170 x $25
155 x $100
40 x $500

Total = 525 chips

Mixed "Terrible's" Tournament set for up to 8 players T500 or 10 players T400
100 x $1 St. Jo Frontier Primary (mint)
100 x $2 Aces Casino (mint)
130 x $5 Mark Twain Primary (mint)
80 x $25 Mark Twain Primary (slightly used)
20 x $100 St. Jo Frontier Primary (on there way to me)
I use a few $500 Casino de Isthmus chips if needed.

Total = 435 chips

I want to add 10 more $100s and maybe a couple of Terrible's $500s so I can do a 10 player T500 tournament.
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-600 Pharaohs Club China Clay tournament set
-720 Yak Cash Set (200 of them en route to me :cool: )
-800 BCC tournament set also en route to me now
I have mostly mixed sets, but do have 2,060 Paulson Vineyards and 1,350 BCC Vineyards, and 1500+ each of Americana Aruba CICs, Aztar Caruthersvilles, Bahamias, Big Apples, PCA secondaries, Poker Club LLC Chipcos, Riverboat V1s. Plus many smaller sets, and many racks of assorted fracs.

Paulsons, Chipcos, Bud Jones, ASMs, BCCs. No TRKs.

The total is somewhere over 80,000. Mostly in boxes in the garage at the moment...

Here's a shot of the Paulson Vineyards from 2011:
Plus many smaller sets, and many racks of assorted fracs.

Stop teasing me. :cool: I like that you have both versions of the $100s. The 8 spot is my favorite.

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