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Apr 14, 2019
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This used to be a trade thread, now making it a sale thread.

My son was scheduled to coordinate and host a fundraising tournament for a local organization as part of a high school IB project, which ended getting postponed because of a permitting issue from the state. I purchased a bunch of chips for the event with the intent on selling them afterwards. Anyway, we got the permitting issue handled, but the organization we were holding the tournament for no longer shows any interest in the event and my son was graded on the project without having to actually hold the event, as the planning of the event was the primary facet being graded. Anyway, now I am ready to get these things out of my basement. Am going to list them as a trade item first to see if anyone is interested in owning a 10 table tourney set complete with bounty chips.

Chip counts appear to be:

$5 X 1000 (white label)
$25 X 1200 (white label)
$100 X 1000 (white label)
$500 X 500 (white label)
$1000 X 200 (black label)
$5000 X 60 (black label)
$25000 X 30 (black label)
Bounty Chips X 100
Dealer Buttons X 10

I will include the two racks of black label $500s at the upper right corner of the first photo. The single rack of !000s next to the black label $500s are not included.

I am asking chips room prices for the $5s through $500s, and valuing the $1000s-$25000s at $1/chip. I am placing zero value on the dealer buttons, bounty chips, or chip racks for purposes of sale price, and will include all of those with the sale (as well as those two extra racks of $500s).

Take it all for $2,403.00 $2,100.00 plus actual shipping costs $2,000.00 shipped CONUS via PP F&F or Venmo. I have no idea how many boxes this will take, but I will use as many MFRBs as necessary. No splits at this time. If I cannot sell as a set, then I may break it up into a couple of tourney sets and sell that way. Might not....

As further sale incentive, 100% of the sale proceeds ( at least) will be used to order a new custom CPC set at a time when they are in need of new orders.

Disclaimer: I have an absolute shit week coming up at the office because of the holiday, so if these sell this week they are not getting mailed before Friday (and it may very well be Saturday).




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All of the $5s, $25s, $100s and $500s in the main set are new secondaries. There are 2 extra racks of $500s that are used primaries (which are included and pictured at the upper right of the first photo).
I guess if it eventually comes to a split, I"d love to get 6 racks of 5's, 2 racks of 25's, and 2 racks of 500's and 1000 x 200, 5000 x 60 and 25000 x 30, bounty x 20 would be nice too, thanks, good luck with sale
Reduced to $2,100.00 plus actual shipping.
This is a crazy good deal for someone who wants a 10 table set or if you can find folks to split with you.

What chips are they comparable to? Matsui, budjones, Abbiati?
I can't say, as I have never owned any of those brands or anything other than CPC or Paulson. Perhaps someone else can chime in on the subject.
@Manjankins if you are serious, I have samples of these chips I can loan you if you pay for shipping to you and back to me.

I think the T5 to T500 (which are really cash chips) are comparable to a Bud Jones, but a bit softer. The T`1000 to T25k def have a different feel as they are a hard plastic and (although not comparable to Abbiati's quality) are closer to Abbiati in feel than to the soft plastics. Remember that Gemaco is a cheaper plastic chip manufacturer but still of sufficient quality for casinos. Basically, these are step up from sluggos/china clays but on the lower end of the true casino chips. For this use, a large tournament, they are great.

@Statesvegas has done the math for you already as this was assembled for a real 10-table tourney. I think a base T5 (like this set) is great for a several tables because the starting stack math is easy. 10/10/7/2/x means you have for each table 1 rack of 5s and 1 rack of 25s and a barrel of 500s. Starting at T5 also gives you plenty of room to color up to the $1k and $5k denoms given the aggregate buy-ins and re-buys of multiple tables. And you get bounties and dealer buttons for free!

For what it is worth, my interactions with @Statesvegas have been very positive.
If you split before the Black Friday sale or I can’t get their tourney set, let me know. Down to buy a single table set 25/100/500/1k/5k
Likely the last bump on these. I really don't know if I am going to split this up into smaller sets, and am leaning towards not doing so. I am sure I am not splitting this by racks. Probably will just close the thread down after the feast on Thursday. Even after the thread is closed, if someone in the future decides they can't live without this set they can reach out to me. There is at LEAST a 50/50 chance I will still be willing to sell them.
Decided not to spit this up at all. Someday, somewhere, somebody is going to want (need?) a set this large at a budget price, and at that time I hope to be able to assist. Perhaps that time is now.

Last price drop to $2,000.00 shipped CONUS. Still willing to entertain interesting trades (poker related). Will close the thread tomorrow at some point if these remain available. They are taking up too much space, and I need to relocate them to different storage if I am keeping them.

Enjoy your families and the holiday.
If you are searching for an obscenely large set of very affordable chips and came across this closed thread, shoot me a PM. I may still have them under the sleeving in the gun room (remind me of this so I know where to find them) and I may be willing to let them go.
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