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Apr 14, 2019
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Statesville, NC
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My son was scheduled to coordinate and host a fundraising tournament for a local organization as part of a high school IB project, which ended getting postponed because of a permitting issue from the state. I purchased a bunch of chips for the event with the intent on selling them afterwards. Anyway, we got the permitting issue handled, but the organization we were holding the tournament for no longer shows any interest in the event and my son was graded on the project without having to actually hold the event, as the planning of the event was the primary facet being graded. Anyway, now I am ready to get these things out of my basement. Am going to list them as a trade item first to see if anyone is interested in owning a 10 table tourney set complete with bounty chips.

Chip counts appear to be:

$5 X 1000 (white label)
$25 X 1200 (white label)
$100 X 1000 (white label)
$500 X 500 (white label)
$1000 X 200 (black label)
$5000 X 60 (black label)
$25000 X 30 (black label)
Bounty Chips X 100
Dealer Buttons X 10

Disregard the two racks of black label $500s and the one rack of $1000s at the upper right corner of the first photo.

I will value them at 10% below chip room prices for purposes of trade considerations, adding no value for the bounty chips. Racks can be included, but I will have to add some value for those if included. I am not doing the math just yet as I am lazy and don't know if there is anyone out there who would want a set such as this.

What am I looking for? Hell if I know. Big fan of roman molds and cash sets with fracs. I don't need or want any tournament sets. Doesn't hurt to ask. Trade offers by PM, please. If these are still around in a week or so, I will likely list them for sale as one lot. They are not for sale at this time, and I am not willing to split up the set at this time either. Someone, somewhere is dealing of having a 10 table tourney set that wont break the bank. Will they see this listing?




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Interested in the black label 1000, 5000 and 25000 chips. Not asking for a split as I have already read your post and respect your wishes. This is for someone who picks up the entire lot and doesn’t want them. If you did change your mind, that would work as well. LOL GLWS!
There being no trade offers but instead a few inquiries as to pricing, I will be shutting down the Trade thread and creating a Sale thread.
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