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Jul 15, 2017
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I've accumulated a few odd lots of chips that I don't have any use for. I've also acquired various sample sets and a fair number of singles (mostly $100s, but I stopped collecting those a few years ago). So it's time for a garage sale. Let's find these chips new homes.

This is a dibs sale for the odd lots and sample sets. Post dibs in this thread and send me a PM.
All prices include shipping to US only. No international shipping. Payments Paypal F&F or Venmo.
(I intend to ship stuff twice a week - I don't move as fast as I used to.)
Condition varies - see photos for condition. (I know, the date in the photos is a few days off, I've been slowly taking these pictures over a couple weeks. Sorry about the glare in a couple photos, I tried to minimize it.)

Odd lots:
1) 23 x $5 Bud Jones Southern Elegance. Look good although some have small cracks in them. $15 shipped. SOLD
2) 7 x $1 Paris LV. Like new, square edges. $10 shipped. SOLD
3) 5 x $1 Terrible's LV. Like new, square edges. $8 shipped. SOLD
4) 6 x 25c San Manuel Indian Nation. Were probably used but in very good condition. $9 shipped. SOLD
5) 8 x $5 Casino Aztar Indiana. Casino used, average condition but clean. $9 shipped. SOLD
6) 6 x $5 Paradice Riverboat Casino. Casino used condition, clean. $7 shipped. SOLD
7) 6 x $1 Jack Cincinnati. Casino used condition, clean. $8 shipped. SOLD
8) 6 x $1 Horseshoe Cincinnati. Casino used condition, clean. $8 shipped. SOLD
9) 5 x $1 Horseshoe Southern Indiana. New condition. $9 shipped. SOLD
10) 5 x $5000 BCC Mardi Gras Casino. Like new. $12 shipped. SOLD

odd lot1.jpg
odd lots 2-4 b.jpg
odd lots 5-6.jpg
odd lots 7-10.jpg

Sample sets:
You will receive the exact chips pictured here. Some sets may have missing denominations.

11) Casino Aztar Indiana. Includes primaries and secondaries. Most chips are new or in excellent condition.
Just about the nicest sample set of Aztars that you will find.
$23 shipped. SOLD
12) New Sonny's Casino. $16 shipped. SOLD
13) Chip's Casino (ceramics - Chipco? - have casino used wear). $7 shipped. SOLD
14) Freddie's Club (Paulsons). $9 shipped. SOLD
15) Mark Twain Casino. $9 shipped. SOLD
16) River City, New Orleans (No $1 chip, but includes $500 chip). $14 shipped. SOLD
17) Double Down Saloon. (No $1 chip). $7 shipped. SOLD

Partial samples:
18) Casino Magic $5 and $25 chips. Both for $7 shipped. SOLD
19) Emerald Princess $5 and $25 chips. Both for $7 shipped. SOLD
20) Double Down Saloon 50c, $5 and $25 chips. All three for $5 shipped. SOLD

sample set1.jpg
sample sets 2-4.jpg
sample sets 5-7.jpg
sample sets 8-10.jpg

Singles: All SOLD
Condition varies - many singles are like new, while some seem lightly used but in good condition. See photos for condition.

Of course, I would like to sell these chips as a large lot to someone interested in collecting singles, so priority goes to someone who wants a lot of them, and I can offer them a "quantity discount." Price is $225 shipped for all the singles shown here (91). Will split into two groups: $170 shipped for just the (55) $100 chips, or $65 shipped for the (36) non-hundreds.

If no one takes these lots by Monday night (Nov. 21), dibs for individual chips will be honored. So, post dibs in this thread and send me a PM - singles will start shipping after Monday. Minimum purchase is $10 if buying singles only; no minimum if also purchasing an odd lot or sample set from above. But if you are below the $10 minimum, I can hold your dibs selections for a couple days until you reach the minimum.

Rows A, B and C - $2 each shipped. SOLD
Rows D through J - $3 each shipped. SOLD
Rows K through P - $4 each shipped. SOLD
Rows Q, R and S - $5 each shipped. SOLD
Rows T and U - $6 each shipped. SOLD
Row W - $8 each shipped. SOLD

singles 2 v2.jpg
singles 3a.jpg
singles 3b.jpg
singles 4a v2.jpg
singles 4b v4.jpg
singles 5.jpg
singles 6-8 v3.jpg


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Please add Lot 1 (Bud Jones Southern Elegance $5s) and Mark Twain sample set if available.
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