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Mar 23, 2021
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Tampa, FL
So, I used to work at the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa at the Cage, and they stored their chips in these steel, almost tool storage-like cabinets that had enough height to fit a full tray if chips. All lined next to each other, they fit about 32 of these racks of 100 chips in one drawer. Now, I don't need anything that big, but does anyone know a place I could potentially order these or what most people in this forum use, etc?
There's plenty of storage threads to search through...
I'm not sure how many chips you're looking to store, but one of my favorites is a tool cabinet. Check out this thread:’m-going-to-need-a-bigger-storage-cabinet….91929/
Oh, wow. I thought those would be way too short of a drawer to fit a full rack of chips, but that's amazing. Thank you! Hopefully once I order the chips I wanna make, I'll order enough to fill one and have a solid collection.
I just bought this plastic / metal toolbox cart for my offsite volunteer tourneys and it was awesome!


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