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Nov 9, 2014
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This hand shouldn't be particularly controversial but I'm not happy with my thinking (during or after) so I thought I'd throw it out to the forum.

.5/1 5-handed online game

Villain is semi-loose, aggressive, better than average player for these stakes, definitely neither stupid nor a maniac. Raises a lot preflop, but settles down after the flop.

UTG limps
Villain ($205) raises to $4
Short-stack ($18.50) in MP calls
SB folds
I ($201) re-raise to $17.50 from the big blind with A:ad::as::ts::9d:
Villain calls
Short stack shoves for his last $1
We both call, pot is $57.

Flop is :5s::ac::8d:

Action is on me
Top set is current nut. Two runner runner nut flush draws. plus a running straight draw. SPR of three. This is about as it gets in PLO. Best villain hand is a monster wrap.

Hero needs to pot and be committed to a turn shove no matter what comes. Hero has $201 to start, $183 on the flop, $126 for the shove.

As always in PLO, expect variance -=- DrStrange
Bet. Never Fold. Have to bet top set to protect times you reraise w/o AA.
Obv bet is obv - only question is how much. There are 2 ways to go - pot it now, hoping that if villain calls he will feel that much more committed to call a shove for less on the turn, or bet the minimum to get the rest in on the next bet (about $42) and hope this entices villain into a bad call with a weak draw or even a shove with some sort of perceived FE. It sounds like you have a decent amount of history with villain and that should factor in to which option is best, but I probably default to option A.
So Ben captured my thinking, except he like, did math and stuff.
Me, I just couldn't stand the thought of watching Villain fold, so I only bet $30.

In retrospect, I'm having a hard time thinking of a hand in villain's range that can call $30 but folds to a bigger bet. I didn't think through the stack sizes or the betting for future streets. Blech!

Villain calls the $30,
Pot is $107
Villain and I have just over $150 each.
Flop is :5s::ac::8d:
Turn is :6d:

Action's on me with my :ad::as::ts::9d:. Bet sizing?
there are only two ways you could fuck this hand away. folding and not betting every street.

btw, i would adjust pf raise sizing to try to induce a shove that reopens betting. also smaller 3bets allow you to get more creative all around.
No worries, Trev. Besides top set hero has blockers to villain's straight draws, and we just picked up nut diamond and straight draws. On flop, I'd prolly bet $40, but $30 isn't bad either. Certainly don't hate the turn card. On the turn I'm betting a hundo and Hellmuth-shoveling it in if raised with our boat/flush/straight draws.
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