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Mar 23, 2014
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glad that I stumbled accross this site. Lot's of good threads here and familiar user names as well.
Some of you may know me as LuckyBee from other forums.

My finished sets are St. Jo Frontier secondaries and Aztar Caruthersville primaries. Still in the work is a PCA and a BCC New Orleans themed cash set.

I always try to bring something unique into my sets. E.g. I have hotstamped lime green dimes for my St. Joes. And a whole rack of Aztar $5 anniversary chips. Of course custom matching dealer buttons are a must for any set.

I hope to have a great time here.

Hi Pat,

welcome here, some of your PCA coming from home :)
I hope we'll have some pictures of your sets soon.
Welcome, post up some pics of those chips when you get a chance!
Thanks for the warm welcome.

Don Clay, is that you Nico? :)

I will try to take some nice pics for you and the upcoming calendar. ;)

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