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Mar 3, 2023
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San Diego
Hello all,

Just signed up and I think this will be the start of a glorious and expensive expedition!

Some background on me:
I started playing Texas Hold’em in Kansas about 20 years ago when on a year exchange in college (originally from Scotland), so started in a college dorm and was spoiled by playing on someone else’s Casino De Isthmus chipset. So I have a sentimental/ soft spot for those. Every few years I check in on those but they were always outside of my spending comfort zone/ ability to purchase.

I’ve started with 1000 of the cheap 11.5g Dice chips and hosted small /medium tournaments at University. Moved to the States and had a cheap 500 Bicycle poker chip set for years, and then around 4 years ago I got a 1000 set of the Nexgen Pro Classic 9g chips. Great for my home games at the time. I have a cheap folding poker table (looks like the FatCat 10 person folding table on sale today), and have refurbed that a couple of times since it’s about 15 years old now. Still holding up, but some of the arm padding is a bit worse for wear.

Anyways… thought it was time to upgrade my setup, and started doing some research, really like the Hobbyphilic YouTube reviews that help educate me on the chips I was originally considering.

I am honestly blown away by the custom chip sets here and the quality of thoughtful designs and art work for both chips and table toppers etc. I stumbled onto the Casa Mango competition thread and went down a beautiful rabbit hole of looking at all the entries, and maybe got jealous once or twice :)

This seems like a really supportive community with some great vendor help. I’m not in any rush and I think I’ll design my own small stakes CPC cash & tournie set, plus get a new poker table with custom topper. Looking forward to sharing my journey and hopefully get some help & guidance along the way!

I’ve moved around a lot, now in San Diego and planning to start hosting monthly games.


CPC customs FTW. Get samples of molds and colours, and don't rush into it. Welcome!
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CPC customs FTW. Get samples of molds and colours, and don't rush into it. Welcome!
Thanks - good point. I ordered a sample set of the Rounders set from CPC just because, well Rounders… and I was looking at their similar Atlantic option. I started playing with the chip design tool yesterday, so will order the generic samples like you said. I’m still not sure what theme or style I’m going after yet, just know it’s time to get casino grade chips!
CPC customs FTW. Get samples of molds and colours, and don't rush into it. Welcome!
Just went back to CPC and ordered their Set of 38 inlaid color samples (all now on 39mm Amold), one of each of the current colors shown on the color chart page.
Welcome! I, too, have been playing around with the chip design tool, man, can you really lose track of time in there!
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Welcome ! Nice introduction.
you will find a lot of inspiration here in your journey to custom sets
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