PAHWM: AA in multiway spot vs solid reg and maniac (1 Viewer)


HERO (not me) folds face up and says "great board for pocket kings."

I was villain with AK.

Post flop, I thought the HERO was having weighted to 99-QQ, AK, and maybe sometimes AQ. I don't see this villain calling the 3 bet with much else. So on this flop, I felt like I had a real lock and wanted to give the guy in the BB some rope. I was very surprised when HERO bet this large on flop. It put me on an awkward stack spot since we would only have a little more than pot on turn if I called. So I figured the most likely thing was that we were chopping, though obviously I could just get wrecked by TT sometimes. I figured I'm never going to fold turn even if I call here, so I guess I just jam now in case this accidentally gets him off AK thinking I could have TT, AA, or KK. I'm still not sure if this was actually a good play or not, though it obviously worked out.

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