Tourney Orleans Casino makes a new house rule and a new ruling I never heard at Sam's Town

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Feb 1, 2019
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So, I thought I knew poker rules.......apparently I don't. These both happened last week in Vegas.

1. Sam's Town, 3-6 Omaha 8 with a full kill.
Action irrelevant;
Dealer is about to burn and turn the river card.

Burns, and shows that the queen of clubs is boxed in the deck where the river card would be.

He places the queen ON THE BOARD in the river spot and proceeds as if nothing is unusual.

ME: "Isn't that a dead card, like a piece of paper in the deck?"
Him: "No, because it is a natural board card, we play it."
Me: "???????"

Is this the normal rule, or unusual?

2. Sunday Night Orleans HORSE tournament.
Game is Stud 8

I fold on third street.

On 4th street, 3 players in, 2 players show Q2 as their upcards. 'First' Q2 is prompted for action. He acts and player without Q2 says 'doesn't the other Q2 act first because his q is spades and the first q is clubs?

There is a brief discussion but no floor is called and hand continues as played. Hand ends.

Discussion continues. I comment that the suits only matter for the bring-in.

WRONG!!!! Orleans instituted a HOUSE RULE 6 months ago that breaks MULTI-CARD ties in stud games with SUITS.

I snidely comment that Orleans should NOT be changing poker rules, as that leads down a slippery slope. Maybe 2 kings will beat 2 Aces soon? How would I know?
Full casino poker rules are NEVER posted (often promotion rules ARE posted) and if you ask to see them the floor will say "Well, what do you want to know?' UMMMM...I want to READ THE RULES! Sorry sir, we don't have them available to the public..

Had this been a more critical situation later in the tournament it could have been devastating.

Am I in the minority here?

I don't know how to put up a poll here, but I'd like to hear some feedback on both situations.



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Apr 25, 2013
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Re #1, the boxed card that would have been a board card:

RROP doesn't have an exception to the rule on boxed cards that happen to be board cards instead of being discovered during the initial deal.

I found an interesting thread in 2+2:

Note Jan Fisher's response.
The best part for the Cliffs Notes crowd:

If a boxed card appears and now we have to stop the game to decide if it was an up card or down card (not to mention that players may see the card in the shuffle and have an idea of what "may" appear on the flop) before we agree to keep it or toss it away would slow the game down.
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