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Nov 22, 2018
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I know we’re on lockdown, and noones gambling. Figured I might as well get this up and posted, to hopefully lock in someone that can help.

Looking for help harvesting two racks of these Silverton hot stamp $1s. Can’t speak directly to the Silverton setup, so not sure how easy or difficult this would be. Need for the only real set I’m working on right now!

Come help a chipper and fill that karma tank!

Hoping to catch some one heading that way and able to get some chips by end of May early June! (And my bday is early June, so that’s like double bonus karma points!)

If you’re headed out there, let’s talk shop/money!
I spent a few nights at Silverton last year - condition of the $1's are generally alright, no poker room anymore though so that avenue is eliminated. Harvest would come down to luck at the cage or tables!

I gotta admit, the barrel I collected for the BOLO project cleaned up pretty well, not a bad looking chip by any means.

Bump. Have 40, still looking for a rack plus 60, any of these are coming to my place (US) to hold for Jeff, so no international shipping
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