Nexgen wear like casino chips? (1 Viewer)


Jul 6, 2023
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I’m in the market for some chips and have seen lots of good things about nexgen materials. However, they have very sharp, square edges. Does anyone know if they will round over time? I saw that china clays have some softer edges so I’m debating between the two. Appreciate any insights!
I have no direct experience with Nexgens, but all the very used cheaper high plastic content chips I've handled have not only rounded but also pitted edges, looks overall much worse than traditional very used compression clays.
I had a set of Dunes (Nexgen Pro material) that saw heavy use with basically zero wear to the plastic. Edges were as sharp as new when I sold them.

The earlier Nexgen chips were different -- heavier (metal slugs), with softer material and edges that are far less sharp.

No pitting on either design above that I've ever seen. Those chips tend to be harder plastics that can both degrade and chip-off pieces with heavy use.

But nothing will wear like casino clays except real clay chips.
Thanks for that insight. Sounds like I would be better off with china clays that already come with rounded edges as that’s my preference.

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