My 43mm hybrid Greek Tina/justin review (2 Viewers)

Stan Lee woulda wanted you to get these on the WEB mold too!
That’s why the tournament Excelsior chip set will be on the web….. mold.
Agreed. Not sure if you consider this new or not, but my current set I'm working on has all the spots in 3s and 6s. I love 8V chips, but for this set, I think I'm going to do a 6v, which I have never seen on an actual clay chip. And for another chip that was going to be a quarter pie if I had CPC make it, I might switch it to a hex pie. That one does exist, (Nevada Club $20) but I don't think Paulson makes it any more, and I don't think CPC does either, although they may have in the past.
Nice. I just did a set of all quarter pies, and I was really close to doing hex pies just because I hadn't seen any. Look forward to seeing them.
Considering the design flexibility, it would be interesting if some people came up with new edgespot patterns.
I've had some private conversations about this. It's only a matter of time before someone with vision, who can think outside the box, is going to make something special with these. HOF type conversation. Not trying to start any banter as I've seen the previous discussions on that particular thought and I am aware that's a touchy topic.

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