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Mar 26, 2013
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From the Key West Resort & Casino:

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After a successful 2018, I wanted to let everyone here at PCF know that prices for Key West Resort & Casino chips will not change in 2019. Prices for our denominated chips are still $1.69 to PCF members. Solid non-denominated chips are $1.32 per chip.

I'd like to wish everyone here a Happy 2019. Many thanks to Tommy and all here at PCF for being part of this great community. May the new year be one of good health and good fortune for you and your family.

-- Dennis

Looking ahead to 2019:

  • I'll be returning to the blackjack table as a dealer in 2019 for a few special events each month. The first two -- both in January -- are already booked.
  • We received our latest shipment of Key West chips from Classic Poker Chips on December 20, and are well-stocked for the coming months.
  • We'll have some new casino items and new projects coming in 2019. Look for new posts by January 15.
For the new PCF members: What is Key West?

Key West is a line of casino chips made by Classic Poker Chips. They're designed to look and feel like a real Las Vegas casino chip from the 1950s or 60s, and use the same mold and formula the company and its predecessors used for over 100 years. "Key West" is a fantasy casino. It never existed anywhere. The designers wanted to make a beautiful old-school chip with understated Las Vegas colors and a nice inlay, and they came up with the name because there was no "Key West" casino in Las Vegas (or anywhere else) at the time.

The chips were first designed and released in 2004. I fell in love with them at the start of my journey in 2007. When the original seller began running out of Key Wests, I put together some group buys for more, and eventually bought the design. I worked with J5 Design to add a few more denominations to the original set. When we decided to do Key West playing cards, it was time to get a business license.

Today, I make and sell Key West Resort & Casino chips with Classic Poker Chips, and a full line of table game items with other casino-industry suppliers. So Key West is more than just casino chips. Also available from Key West:

  • Key West Resort & Casino playing cards
  • Key West dealer buttons made by a casino industry manufacturer
  • Key West logo "Certified Perfect" full-size casino dice
  • Acrylic 67.7 mm 100-chip racks that fit the Key Wests nicely
  • 1,000-chip acrylic "bird cages," and 600-chip locking clear fill carriers
  • Copag and Gemaco Gemback playing cards
  • Roulette wheels, layouts, pills, dollies and rakes
  • Blackjack shoes and discard racks
  • Casino chip gifts, like key rings and money clips
Placing an order for Key West chips and other things:

There is a Key West Resort & Casino website that's easy to find. Even easier? PM me here on PCF. I'll get you the best possible price for the items you need and send you an invoice.

Why Key West?

Reason 1: People like Key West
Primarily, we make Key West casino chips for people who've always liked the beautiful J5 design. There are plenty of those folks, and we've sold chips to several hundred people in 23 countries worldwide. Some people have Key Wests, and want to be able to buy more. Other people have Key West on their "wish list" for someday soon.

Reason 2: It's a great way to get into high-end chips
If you're thinking of going "all-in" for a high-end set of nice casino chips, but don't want to hire a designer and wait a few months for them to be produced, Key West offers an easy way to get some beautiful Classic Poker Chips on your table within about a week. The chips come in 14 different chips in 13 denominations -- there are two $1 chips -- and six colors of solid, "dual use" chips for roulette. or other games. We stock between 10,000 and 15,000 chips on any given day, so chances are we already have your chips sitting on the shelf, ready to ship.

Reason 3: We're sticking around
We've been licensed to sell Key West chips since 2012. My plan is to keep the Key West line alive and available far into the future. That means you can build a set over time. I can help you plan that set and get it to your table.

Reason 4: Our "live" $1 chip
Right now, we're offering one denomination for face value -- the $1 blue chip (pictured above). You can build your chip set to include $1 blue chips for $1 each, and your average price per chip goes down. (We generally don't do full sets on one denomination.)

Reason 5: Discounts to members of the Poker Chip Forum
We offer our chips to the public for $1.79 each. Members here at PCF can order chips for $1.69 each. And we have promotions, specials and giveaways here on PCF in the coming months.

Reason 6: No minimums
The big casino manufacturers want you to buy 100,000 chips (or more). Our minimum order is one chip. You don't have to buy racks. Want 67 chips? No problem. Need to fill a barrel or a rack with seven x $1 and nine x $5? We can do that. Have a sample set and need 99 each of three different denominations? That's okay, too.

Reason 7: New stuff
We're always looking for the "next thing" to offer here on PCF as part of Key West. If it's a new product or piece of casino gaming equipment, we have one rule: It has to look and feel like it came from a real casino.

Reason 8: My guarantee
Everything I sell is guaranteed. If you are not happy with anything in your order, send it back for a full refund.


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