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Mar 26, 2013
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Wilmington, DE
Key West announces 2023 Prices

This year, there will be a slight increase in price for the Key West Resort & Casino chips. Here are the changes:

Public retail prices (on the Key West site) will increase to match prices posted on the Classic Poker Chips site. (That's $2.36 per denominated Key West chip, $1.80 for roulette solid Key Wests.

Active members of PCF with more than 50 posts will receive a discount of $0.25 per chip for denominated chips and $0.10 per chip for roulette solids.

PCF member prices, with the discount, will be $2.11 per denominated chip and $1.70 for roulette solids.

For more than 10 years, I've offered the Key West line of casino chips to members of this forum for my own actual average cost per chip -- the total amount I paid for chips in stock divided by the number of chips. That number has stayed much lower than Classic's retail prices because of a large stock of chips bought in years past at lower prices from Classic.

With sales increasing and people seeking larger and larger sets, the stockpile of chips bought two or three years ago gets smaller and smaller each year, and pushes my average cost per chip higher, and closer to Classic's retail price.

Here is a summary of the new, 2023 prices:

Retail prices to the public:

Key West denominated chips: $2.36
Key West solid (roulette, bounty): $1.80

Prices for PCF members:

Key West denominated chips: $2.11
Key West solid (roulette, bounty): $1.70

No matter what happens to chip prices in the future, I'm determined to keep the Key West line of chips alive and available to anyone who has Key West chips, or wishes to begin building a set of them. I appreciate the Key West fans here on the forum -- those who own Key West chips, and those who have them among their "dream sets" for the future.

-- Dennis

Key West FTW :love:

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