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Mar 27, 2020
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Canton, MI
I've been dying to move away from the cheap "metal" cases and started the process the other day. Ordered 25 Paulson chip racks from Apache. Ordered a solid wood book case from Home Depot (thankfully it was not particle board). Also ordered a glass top watch case to see if I can modify to fit 5 racks in it for display. Shipping is delayed for the watch case so I'll have to give an update once it arrives. Nice to finally have them on display now that the basement is finished instead of locked away in the storage room.

Here are some pics for now.


Picture of the watch case. Dimensions are 17"x12"x3. Paulson racks are 3 inches wide and 8.25 inches long. So I should be able to go 5 wide and maybe even squeeze two in perpendicular depending on the interior dimensions.

That is an awful lot of Classics, there!
Definitely! :) 2,150 total.

500 of each $5/$10/$25/$100
100 - $500s
50 - $1,000s

We normally have 21-24 players in our monthly tourney, sometimes it gets up to 27. Normally start with $1,500 in chips (20 - $5s, 20 - $10s, 20 - $25s, and 7 - $100s).

The other chips on the bottom are just some Majestic quarters and dollars for cash games.

I also just ordered a 1,200 chip set of Rounders from CPC that I've been drooling over for months. One of my favorite movies and have always wanted them.
Just received the watch case and it fits 5 racks pretty nicely. I just had to pull out the grid and was able to use the watch cushions at the bottom of each rack to hold them in place. Overall pretty happy and it's much nicer than the fake metal cases. This was a test, so now it's time to order more for the rest of my set.

How does one get an invite?

Usually you need to have a personal connection to someone in the group. That person vouches for you...... and if you aren't a A-Hole then everything works out nicely. :)

We've been playing for 17 years now and have a core group of 10 that still play every time and all the players are connected to that core in some way. Our group loves to play cards, but at the same time nobody thinks it's the World Series of Poker and we mostly make fun of each other, have some drinks, watch whatever game is on TV, and take side bets on how long it takes until the chip leader Donks off all their chips. :)

Are you in SE Michigan?
if you aren't a A-Hole
Damn. Guess I'm out.

Are you in SE Michigan?

Yep. Our group comes from Dearborn Heights, Livonia, Wayne, South Lyon, Ypsi, New Hudson, Howell and other parts nearby. We've been playing together since 2003ish, in some form or another.
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Wow. Really like the set-up.

What watch box did you use for that? I have a watch problem in addition to my chip problem and am currently using a Wolf box for those but I like the idea you had for chip display as well. Just curious on brand and where you got it.

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