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Apr 15, 2020
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Ive started watching some of Hobbyphilic's videos on YouTube and thought Id check out this forum on his recommendation.
I have two sets of chips, a set of 849 Desert Heat chips, (when they shipped one roll had only 24 chips), which I use for cash and 700 chips I picked up from the Gamblers General Store in Vegas. I have never seen these chips before or since. (Maybe you guys know them or have any info on them?)
I have a great set up in my basement with with a nice table and a pretty sweet collection of Vegas casino chips I collected from about 2008-2010. Sadly these chips and table are barely ever used and no one goes down there to see my chip collection. As much as I try I just cant set up a regular, or even semi regular game.
When I was younger I used to work as a poker dealer and now that I barely ever get to play I really miss it!

Welcome sir! Beautiful table, beautiful singles collection. Love that framing !

Very very nice entrance! Have fun and don't give up the game hosting once the world goes back to normal.

It's a tough gig for me too. I still have never filled up a 2 table game despite my best efforts. I won't give up the endeavor, but I can understand it is hard at first. I'm a relatively new host. I find it's all about networking and just keep asking people to play. I just try to get the emails of anyone even remotely interested, and keep sending the emails for my games. I have a display like you have too. A couple tables and a decent place to play, but it's hard work man!

All the best and always here to lend an ear or help in any way I can.
Welcome from a former Albertan (grew up in Edmonton). I come into Calgary a couple times a year and usually spend time in Edmonton visiting family and the rest in Calgary/Canmore. Would happily attend a game one time when I'm in town.

There's a few Calgarians and Albertans on here by the looks of it - try reaching out on here via PM and see if you can get something going:

As @Jeevansluck mentioned, getting a game going is certainly a marathon rather than a sprint. I've been on PCF now two years and am just now starting to get a regular cash game going here in Zurich (well, at least until the lockdown came). Build momentum and keep it going!
Welcome to the Forum.

Seeing your pictures brought back memories. I started with a set similar to your upper one, a 500 piece WPT Bellagio "Official Casino Weight" gift set. Eight months later I now have an 1100 piece cash set of casino used Paulsons (Horseshoe Cleveland with labeled milled solids for .05 & .25), a 1700 piece tournament set of China Clay (43mm Royals), and a Chanman custom cloth table as well. And I still have the WPT Bellagio set (can't get rid of it for sentimental reasons).

Unfortunately the Covid lock-down hit just as I was gearing up to host my first live game. Sigh - Internet hosting now instead. But the advice in the above posts still holds true, it takes time to build a network. I started by wrangling invites to games hosted by PCF members, where I met lots of their friends who like to play poker. A few Internet searches added other people hosting games, where I met even more players. Now I have a mailing list of around 40 players to draw from, and made a whole pile of new friends. So start slow, make contacts, don't be shy about asking for invites to games you discover, and mention to everyone you meet that you like to play poker and want to meet others who do as well.

Best of luck in your hosting (and chipping) adventures! And if you ever make it to the west coast, there are several games here that you can sit in on.
Welcome fellow Canuck!

I only joined last week and I can tell you that everyone here is awesome. The variance in topics and debates as well as show and tell stories here will get you hooked. I have had plenty of warm welcomes and I feel at home. During this terrible time in the world, any socializing (especially from warm welcoming people with the same interests) is something we can all appreciate.

You will love this forum (I am hooked!)


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