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Mar 31, 2024
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Hi everybody. I just joined the forum after lurking around here for the past several weeks trying to gain information about upgrading my poker chip set. Just started looking into upgrading my set of poker chips and stumbled into this vast world of chips that I never knew existed. I can’t say I’ll become a chip collecting enthusiast. I already have two really expensive hobbies, youth soccer coach and triathlons. So I’m not sure I can afford to pick up this hobby, but who knows.
Your name is a lot like the teacher in The Wire so I already like you, welcome. Doesnt matter if you can afford it, you're here now and your baselines will shift!
You will be surprised. I came here looking for chip denomination advice now I I'm considering buying a custom set! haha

I'm not sure if I will ever many sets but I can see a cash game and tournament set in my future.


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