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Dec 21, 2023
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Cambria, CA
Howdy from half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco, 1500 feet from the Pacific Ocean. In other words, the middle of nowhere! Home games are a must around here as it's a 30 minute drive to the nearest Starbucks or Target, 2+ hours to the closest decent sized poker room and 7 hours to drive to Vegas lol.

I love me some ChipCo poker chips (first purchased when they were still ChipCo the company 20+ years ago, now via BRPro poker - not advertising, just haven't found anyone else who manufactures those chips any more) and my Triton fold up table (standard model) modified a little with 1/2 inch foam to make the play feel almost like a professional poker table.

Look forward to reading about what others are using in their games on this forum...


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I was in Monterrey this summer. Beautiful country. Welcome.
I was in Monterrey this summer. Beautiful country. Welcome.
I'm about 100 miles from Monterrey (via curvy Highway 1, less if I could levitate myself there), but we have some similarly gorgeous coastline ;-)...
I’m in Cambria w/ family for a week, sounds like you’re close. Welcome!

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