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Oct 15, 2014
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Can anyone tell me if this is real or fake i work at a junk yard and we got a car in that was picked up from a towing company and there was a few pics of vegas in there a hotel key for harrahs i think it is and a bunch of poker chips that im sure are fake most of them are the marlboro ones some are blank and this one has a different texture and feels like it weighs less but i dont know anything about poker chips


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What you have is a genuine Paulson starburst. If it had a casino logo behind it, it would be a cancellation stamp. As is I believe they were sold in the Paulson store when they still sold home chips.
The reason the one you are holding in that pic feels "lighter" is because most of the chips on the home market are heavier than chips used in casinos. "Official casino weight" is not 11.5g, 13g, or anything like that. Most Paulsons are in the 9-10 gram range. Chipcos and other ceramics are in the same range too.

The Marlboro chips aren't necessarily "fake" - they were just never intended to be used in a casino. They certainly could be legitimate marketing items offered by Marlboro.

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