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Mar 11, 2019
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Lisle, IL
I’ve never done a custom set, but I have a vision in mind. I’m from Chicago, and want to make a set called “Midway Club” with an inlay that incorporates the Chicago star from the flag, and uses design cues from Chicago sports uniforms for the colors and edge-spot patterns.

I’ve tinkered with the design tool on CPC, but can’t figure out how you guys have saved mock ups or laid out a whole set of them. Can anyone give me a quick tutorial?
You have to login to the tool.

And then you click Save Set or Load Set.

Once you get one image and save the set, click on it and select SAVE AS NEW

This is how you create your lineup.
Don't forget to Save as #X when you're ready to commit it to your lineup, or all the changes go away.

You can add an inlay. One at a time to each chip, even a different inlay for both sides...

Every time you save the set, you'll get this confirmation dialog. In my example, the set is called "Example"

Then you can save as PNG and decide if you want to do one side or two sides.


Then you select whether or not you want just the main chip on the screen or all of the chips.

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A few inspirations. A Cubs pinstripe 1, a Blackhawks 5. You get the drift.
You can also go to inlays and upload that image and then you can put it on the different chips. It helps a lot with the visualization.
Great use of the flag. I used it recently as well for labeling Sunfly blanks. Would love to see your finished product when you are done.
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Yeah, will share out. Truth is, I’m going to do the design project, and I’ll share the finished markups. But in all likelihood, they’ll probably never go into production unless I move up to 5-10 and strike it big. Of course, I say that now.
Well, this thread didn’t age well. I promise, different guy, no relation to that debacle in Chicago this weekend.
Curious to see if you had a second draft on this or if you were still doing this project. Being from Chicago, I love it!
Hey thanks! It’s still in my brain on layaway. Haven’t given up on it yet, but my hone cash game never really got off the ground, and my poker life got put on hold a year ago with COVID. Plus, the bank roll needs to grow some before I can afford it. I still love the concept though; was hoping it’d have gotten more of a response on here. Thanks for finding it!

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